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  • May Sales:

    On sale this month, to celebrate Mother’s Day and May flowers, our Bouquet of Roses Sampler, and our Rose Bliss Bath, still our most luxurious self nurturing product ever.

    New Products:

    After years of sourcing we have finally located a true, artisan distilled Sacred Frankincense Essential Oil, Boswellia sacra from Oman, lovingly distilled by a true artisan distiller. Read our two blog articles about our quest for this rare oil here and here, and read about, and order, here.

    Decadence! Nature’s Gift Decadence Kit. 10% dilutions of Cocoa, Coffee, Cognac and Tobacco absolute, for the gourmand in all of us.

    Extra Virgin organically produced Olive Oil… came with organic and kosher certifications. We heavily overbought, and are sharing the wealth. Bulk sizes only, no other discounts may apply.

    Javanese Turmeric (Curcuma xanthorrhiza), powerful anti-inflammatory and pain reliever, widely used in oral care products.

    Free Gift:

    Free with any order, this Mini-Magazine from The Essential Herbal. Get a taste of the contents of a subscription at no charge.

    Back in Stock:

  • Frankincense Hydrosol — wonderful for skincare.
  • Bergamot Organic — the most uplifting citrus oil. The secret of our Fresh Aire Synergy.
  • Davana — our aromatic chameleon.
  • Organic Lemon — it sold out during our April Citrus Sale.

  • Blog Updates:

    We’ve been busy blogging, many of the ideas drawn from Monday’s with Marge conversations.

  • Christi wrote about oils to help dealing with change and new beginnings.
  • A reprint from several years ago, “ Tips on Growing Younger.”
  • For anxiety, “ Good Dreams Spray.”
  • Product improvements — making a good thing better: Baby Bottom Balm.
  • From Sandy’s Aussie Oils Series (one we missed!): Peppermint Eucalyptus.
  • Another Monday with Marge question — Athlete’s Foot Remedies.
  • Our Search for Sacra — the many counterfeits that exist.
  • Search for Sacra Pt 2. – the end of the quest brought April to an end.
  • We started May with High Blood Pressure and Ylangylang case studies.

  • Snippets:

    Clarifying Soap
    Robin N. wrote mid April: “We are loving the clarifying soap; it has helped the appearance of my daughters complexion.” I asked for permission to share, because I know how heartbreaking acne can be, especially in the teen years. It’s gratifying to know that our creations can help!

    Workplace Stress

    Kim C. H. recently wrote:

    I just plugged in my new Aroma2Go to my laptop computer and am breathing in Citrus Smile. All I can say is, Truth in advertising! I love citrus oils and have been afraid to use them in baths or on skin since learning they photosensitize, so this convenient inhaling option is a godsend!


    And Kary wrote:

    Hello, My oh my, oh my, oh my!! The Cleopatra sampler kit is absolutely amazing. I am a skincare snob and the toner? I love it! The serum? Yes, absolutely love it too and the radiance leaves a wonderful finish. I will be ordering the larger sizes soon. Thank you for the recommendation.

    A Conversation About Sleeping

    Adriana wrote, “I also need a blend to help me sleep. I can’t go without lavender. Would the English be better? Which other oils you would recommend for this purpose?”

    Our reply, “Not the English, that’s highest in linalool, which makes it the best antibacterial. For relaxation, I prefer one higher in linalyl acetate, probably the Lavender Mailette. Of this years distillations… that’s the one we are now using in our Relax synergy.”

    A week later, “Now the Relax Synergy….well…. that was something else. I had one of those days on Monday and put few drops in my diffuser before going to bed. I was a little jittery in the evening trying to process the events of the day and knew it was going to be hard falling asleep. I placed the diffuser on my night stand and just laid there quiet. I didn’t even see my husband coming to bed and he told me he went up about 30 minutes after. It’s magical, thank you so much for making such a great product. ”

    Trauma Oil

    Ellen B wrote:

    Dear Marge,

    Just wanted to say THANK YOU for including your trauma oil in last month’s sale. I was just about out from another supplier and decided to give yours a try. Boy, am I glad I did!! I much prefer yours. Don’t get me wrong, theirs worked. But, yours is a noticeable improvement! It has a superior glide and I felt the effects as soon as I applied it. And, I really appreciate the dispenser bottle you use.

    I broke my neck in two places 7 years ago. I am doing well, but every now and then I can strain and aggravate the area and get severe muscle guarding and spasms from my shoulders, up my neck and head leading to excruciating pain and migraines. I did that this week and have been using hydrotherapy, essential oils and acupuncture. Tonight, things starting going from stiffness to spasm again.

    Slap to forehead! I have your trauma oil. I applied it without any essential oils just to get a sense and voila I felt instant relief in my shoulders and neck.

    I will be keeping this on hand for sure and using it in my healing needs.

    Thanks, again!


    (Just a thought, folks we don’t share these snippets because we (or our products) are oh so wonderful. We just think that someone out there might be dealing with a situation that is referenced here, and serendipty might give you the solution.)

    Question and Answer:

    For our Facebook friends instead of answering questions throughout the day in numerous groups, on Monday nights, at 8:00 pm central time, Marge and possibly Christi will be available to answer your questions.


    Aromatic Quotes:

    When April steps aside for May,
    Like diamonds all the rain-drops glisten;
    Fresh violets open every day:
    To some new bird each hour we listen.
    —Lucy Larcom

    “May, queen of blossoms, And fulfilling flowers, With what pretty music Shall we charm the hours? Wilt thou have pipe and reed, Blown in the open mead? Or to the lute give heed In the green bowers.”

    Lord Edward Thurlow

    “Now the bright morning star, day’s harbinger, Comes dancing from the east, and leads with her The flowery May, who from her green lap throws The yellow cowslip, and the pale primrose. Hail, bounteous May, that doth inspire Mirth, and youth, and warm desire; Woods and groves are of thy dressing, Hill and dale doth boast thy blessing, Thus we salute thee with our early song, And welcome thee, and wish thee long.”
    —John Milton

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