FIREWORKS at Nature’s Gift!

Celebrate Independence Day at Nature’s Gift by using the discount code FREEDOM and save 10% on all retail sized (15 mls and smaller) Essential Oils, Absolutes, and CO2 Extracts. Sale starts at 12:01 am July 3rd and ends at 11:59 pm July 5th (CST). (As with all of our sales, the code must be entered when the order is placed, we can’t apply the discount retroactively.)

Good News — MORE Helichrysum

We were able to import another kilo of Corsican Helichrysum. A lovely gc/ms profile, very high in italidiones and in neryl acetate, everything we look for in Helichrysum italicuum! Aromatically a bit deeper and more earthy than the earlier batch. The new shipment now available in 15 mls. You may see the GC for Batch FR-B490061 here. This new batch is a bit deeper aromatically than what we have been offering all year, and in total honesty I don’t know what trace components add to the depth of aroma. I would consider this oil a low heart or a base note on a perfumery scale, rather than the high heart note of our earlier batch (which is still available in 2 and 5 mls, at a lower price than before).

Also, more changes. We have reduced the dilution of our scar treatment blend of Helichrysum Corsica in cold pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil. When we offered the 10% dilutions, for affordability or ease of use, we always assumed that people would further dilute them to an appropriate level. Releasing the 10% dilution in a rollon applicator bottle was a mistake, the 10% is too strong to apply to a fresh scar. We are repackaging and offering the Rose Hip Seed Dilution only in a 5% dilution. Our other diluted oils will continue to be offered in a 10% dilution, but we hope that people will research the appropriate dilution for their specific uses. We are also now offering our new Italian Helichrysum italicuum in a 10% Dilution in Fractionated Coconut Oil, and our new shipment of Corsican Helichrysum in a 10% Dilution in Jojoba.

NEW DIFFUSER — The AromaSens

A slightly scaled down ultrasonic (cool mist) diffuser, but with the functionality you demand. Various cycles of diffusion, lights that can be turned of at will. See and order it here.


For the month of July, a special sale on our favorite Christmas blends and oils. Save 10% on Holiday Joy, Winter Sunshine, Three Kings Synergies, and Balsam Fir, White Fir, Scotch Pine, Black Spruce, and Piñon Pine Oils. The scents of Christmas. 15 mls only for the Essential Oils.

Also, our summer sale continues on our “Summer Savers”… save on SkeeterBeater, Sunburn Soother, After The Bite and our supercooling “Cool As A Cucumber” Toner.

News and Notes:

This is the time of year that the new harvests are starting. Because we so often “guestimate” our year’s needs and order for the year, we were caught short of some of our “standbys” this year. For example we are totally out of stock of our Bulgarian lavender, and waiting for the new crop to be distilled before we can restock. (We are grateful for the growth, and all the new customers, but we hadn’t PLANNED on the successful year we just had; and it has sometimes left us scrambling.) We are hearing of even more challenges from our suppliers around the world. In Bulgaria I am told that heavy rain during the early spring caused an almost total crop failure of the all important rose harvest, not only for our producer, but throughout the Rose Valley. The cost of the scarce flowers has increased 50% this year from the harvest, and the total yield of Rose Otto is down 30% compared to the last several years. I’m grateful that we invested in an extra supply of the 2014 distillation, and hope it will last until 2016 brings a better, and more affordable, crop! (This same producer had his entire Clary Sage harvest wiped out last year by some unfortunate and unseasonal hail storms…such is the plight of the artisan producer.) I am told that the government of Tunisia is not allowing the export of Tunisian grown essential oils because of the risk of terrorism, there is fighting in the area where our Rosemary Cineole is grown and distilled. Unseasonable weather in Chile has lead to a world wide shortage of Chilean Rose Hip Seed oil. One producer of Frankincense and Myrrh oils from Somalia has already notified us of price increases because the political unrest is interrupting the source of high quality resins to distill, and it goes on and on. We sometimes forget how many human lives are involved in getting the contents of those wee bottles that we send out. The world news can be a reminder.

On the GOOD side…we have just received in another shipment of Katafray for those who have been missing it, and have reservations in with almost all of our suppliers as we await the 2015 crops harvest and distillation. New goodies will be trickling in throughout the summer and autumn.

Enjoy the Fourth of July holiday everyone, and stay safe over the long weekend.

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