Watch our Specials page or our Facebook Page for announcements of our “deal of the day” (or few days.) Today save 20% on all of our Happy Baby Products and KleenHandz. Keep your children or grandchildren healthy through this holiday season.

Ship Free Friday:

On Friday, December 16th all orders over 00.00 will receive free Priority Mail shipping.

Mailing Deadlines:

According to the US Postal Service Website, the deadline for Military Mail to arrive in time for Christmas is Saturday, December 17th. Monday the 19th is the deadline for International Shipping. (They don’t state “shipping by what method” or to which countries!)

Domestic Priority Mail should arrive on time if shipped by Wednesday, December 21st, and they are saying that Thursday December 22nd is the deadline for Express Mail. (That surprised me; I would have expected it to be the 23rd.)

Holiday Closings:

Since the last day we can ship your Christmas orders is Thursday the 22nd, we will probably work a partial day Friday the 23rd to finish up any last minute orders that come in that night, have some Christmas cookies and get ready for inventory. Our office will be closed from perhaps noon on Friday until Tuesday, December 26th. We will be in the office but closed for business the week between Christmas and New Years. Time for the annual inventory that always has me tearing my hair out. IF you have a true emergency and need a package expressed mailed that can not wait, contact us and we may be able to get it out for you early that week. Other than that, all orders from noon Dec 23nd will be held and shipped after New Year’s Day.

12 Days of Christmas:

Every year, from Dec. 25th through the true 12th day of Christmas, January 5th, one order will be selected to receive a special gift. In the past we have given away signed copies of my book, Bliss Bath, Aromatherapy Jewelry, Skincare Products, a wide range of our most popular products. You can’t win if you don’t order. (Hint, the fewest orders are always placed on Dec. 25th, so the odds are best then.)

We may also be announcing some spur of the moment 12 day sales, so watch our Facebook Page and/or our Specials page.

Last minute gift ideas? Read here.

Last minute hint – add fresh cut aroma to your artifical tree— see our blog.

To all of our friends…we wish you a safe and blessed and joyfilled Holiday Season, and thank you for letting us continue to be of service to you.

See you next year!!!!

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