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    New and back in stock – Hydrosols, essential oils, NEW AloeButter for dry, parched skin, or for burns. Poplar Balsam essential oil – wonderful pain reliever and skin healer. New Relax Synergy, for stressfree sleep.

    Our three Holiday Synergies – Holiday Joy, Winter Sunshine, and Three Kings – Save 10%.

    NEW – “Deal of the Day”… or of the week, or the few days… one never knows. From now until Christmas we will be announcing some special (usually limited quantity) special sales. Check our Specials page frequently, or subscribe to our Facebook page to see what today’s DEAL is. (Today’s deal? 10% off all instock aromatherapy jewelry. Perfect early gift shopping…while they last, or until we change to a different deal.)


    To thank our active duty servicemen and women we are offering free shipping to any order going to an APO or FPO address, or a military base on Friday, November 11th. I wish there were more we could do. I suspect if the addess is overseas, a small gift may be added to the order. Please let us know where the individual is stationed. No sense sending SkeeterBeater if it’s midwinter there. We would like to do something for those serving; please help us.

    ELEVEN$ SALE 11/11/11:

    On November 11, 2011 (11/11/11, I love writing that!) we are offering an ELEVENSES sale. EVERYTHING in our shopping cart will be marked 11% off, if you will use the promotional code “eleven” without the quotation marks. Enter the promotional code in the box marked promo code, make sure your press apply, and SEE the discount reflected on line. SAVE on some NEVER before discounted products! Our listing of rare and hard to find books. Dr. Jane Buckle’s Foundations of Aromatherapy course for health professionals. Our various kits. All the pages on the site marked “no other discount may apply.” Everything is “while supplies last”…no rainchecks.

    There IS one exception. We are taking our gift certificates offline that day. If you have a gift certificate, you may use it, but you can’t order one during the sale.

    And there will be NO free shipping, other than to the military personnel mentioned above 😉 Other than that? All’s fair.


    We’ve added some “interesting” bottles and packaging to our Clearance page. Very limited quantities, and only while supplies last, of course. We “reworked” our Lavender Bliss Bath using the new, delightfully aromatic English Lavender. The remaining Bulgarian Lavender bliss baths are on Clearance, as well. There’s a *little bit* of the “copper free” Helichrysum still available – marked 50% off. A small handful of last season’s Hydrosols. Some of this and some of that. Some still on the specials page, some only on our Clearance Page.


    • We’ve been busy blogging since our last newsletter:
    • I commented on some “Floral Waters” being offered by a huge supplier…one who claims to be “the most trusted name in aromatherapy” Okay. Interesting. I do NOT believe what’s in those “natural” floral waters. You won’t either.
    • Where’s Peggy? (Well it should have been “Where’s Peggy”..I spaced the name and mistitled it. A minor rant about outsourcing.
    • A guest blog about using the oils in a hospice situation to combat stress, by Lisa Browder.
    • This month I’ve already blogged about an exquisite oil I encountered at the recent AIA convention.
    • This week I reviewed Maggie Tisserand’s new book, Aromatherapy vs.MRSA l, and shared some of the hints Maggie gives for dealing with this possibly fatal infection.
    • Inspired by “Aromatherapy vs MRSA” I shared some case studies from the AIA conference in “More about MRSA”


    Yes, this is outrageous self promotion. But I am just SO tickled. I’ve been reading Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt’s newest, “ The Healing Intelligence of Essential Oils ” on my Kindle, and getting very frustrated. The Kindle doesn’t really encourage flipping forward to chapter 15 to see what he says about Hepatitis, or back to see what dilution he recommends for my beloved Helichrysum. Yes, I’m eagerly awaiting the hardcopy, while making do with the Kindle. But why are we bragging? Because, while describing his standards for authentic essential oils, Dr. Schnaubelt recommends a few sources. In the US he recommends four resources. My old friend Christopher McMahon at White Lotus, Michael Scholes of Laboratory of Flowers, his own Original Swiss Aromatics, and Nature’s Gift. I am over the moon!!!!

    Our Clients Share:


    People email and ask me about using the oils to repel cockroaches, and I didn’t have an answer. Recently saw this in a Jeanne Rose newsletter:


    (I’m thinking our new Grapefruit Hydrosol, or the Peppermint hydrosol, might be good bases for this!)

    Repellent activity of essential oils against cockroaches:


    Seven commercial essential oils extracted from the plant species Boesenbergia rotunda(L.) Mansf. Citrus hystrix DC., Curcuma longa L., Litsea cubeba (Lour.) Pers., Piper nigrum L., Psidium guajava L.and Zingiber officinale Roscoe, and naphthalene as a control, were evaluated for repellent activity against the three cockroach species Periplaneta americana(L.), Blattella germanica(L.) andNeostylopyga rhombifolia(Stoll) under laboratory conditions.

    The essential oil derived from Citrus hystrix (Combava Petitgrain) showed the best repellency over other candidate essential oils and naphthalene. The essential oil of Citrus hystrix exhibited complete repellency (100%) against P. americanaandB. germanica, and also showed the highest repellency (among the essential oils tested) of about 87.5% against N. rhombifolia under laboratory conditions. In the field, Citrus hystrix essential oil formulated as a 20% active ingredient in ethanol and some additives provided satisfactory repellency of up to 86% reduction in cockroaches, mostly P.americanaand N. rhombifolia with a residual effect lasting a week after treatment. Citrus hystrix essential oil has good potential for being used as a cockroach repellent. Further improvements in efficacy and residual activity may be realized with appropriate formulations. (Dictyoptera: Blattidae, Blattellidae, and Blaberidae) in Thailand.

    Thavara U, National Institute of Health, Department of Medical Sciences, Ministry of Public Health, Nonthaburi, Thailand.

    Combava petitgrain 20% in alcohol… as a spray… AHA.


    A recent order (for our Rosacea Cleanser and Rosacea Treatment Gel, from a first time client) contained the following answer to our “Can you tell us who recommended us” question:

    My integrative medicine doctor at XXX XXXX XXX, referred me. She heard about you from another patient with rosacea.

    That intrigued me and I wrote back:

    That is exciting reading… and, with your permission, I’d love to quote you… I can use (or drop!) your name…and I would omit the clinic’s name.. but that is the kind of recommendation that is truly priceless. I hope they help you… NO product helps everyone…Rx or natural or whatever… but we’ve had really good feedback about the rosacea products. Again, thank you for making my day with your feedback! To which our new client replied:

    Yes, I hadn’t thought about it, but it is a nice endorsement. I was kind of surprised to hear my doctor recommend something so alternative (when usually it’s about supplements) and she even included your Nature’s Gift name in the online notes from my visit. Even though she’s an integrative doctor, she is at a large teaching hospital which mostly leans toward more med based approaches, so I should also be glad she’s thinking outside the box. I do hope this all helps also. I’m 57 and have had Rosacea for many years with only a few little pimples but in the last couple years my breakouts have gotten much worse. I just joined a gym for the Rumba classes and that intense exercise will hopefully not make it even worse. I had looked for your site a couple months ago and it didn’t seem to be there, but I decided to try again and now you’re back so that’s great.

    (Memo to me…follow up and see if it’s helping.)


    A blend shared by my friend and mentor, Sylla Sheppard-Hangar:

    “put on the blend of: approx 15 drops pomegranate seed CO2, 15 drops sea buckthornberry CO2 in 2 oz fractionated coconut and a bit of olive; one drop of rose for scent value). by the evening (12 hrs) all redness gone from cracks, and in 24 hours all cracks closed, smoother, less rough skin……will keep you posted”

    I am ALWAYS amazed at the power of these oils… and the Pomegranate and Seabuckthorn berry CO2 extracts are just so amazing for so many difficult skin conditions!


    Christi works long hours, and sometimes her “furkids” can’t wait. She recently shared the following:

    I make a spray for doggie accident clean ups, particularly poop clean ups. It is also good for cleaning around the bird cage & gentle on my wood floors. It is a 503 ml sprayer bottle (using a scant 16 ounces of water). I use about 40-50 drops of oregano, 30-40 drops benchmark thyme, and 10-20 drops of Rosemary Verbenon with distilled water & brandy. I use brandy because I had it around but you can use alcohol as well, just a small amount, & shake before using.

    My note: I would add the essential oils to the alcohol first, then add the water and shake well.


    A recent visitor was raving about her uses for Fragonia Oil. One thing she said that I’d not thought of, that she is seeing amazing results in treating clients with severe Asthma with the use of a Fragonia inhaler. My eldest grandson is a high school basketball player, and has frequent asthma attacks. The doctors are treating him with steroids, which he hates. This afternoon I made some Fragonia inhalers. Two will be sent to Bloomington for JT to try, one came home with me (it may help my COPD, and one stayed on Christi’s desk for her, because she loves Fragonia. Remember, if using one of our blanks to create a single inhaler, use two or three drops of Jojoba along with the pure essential oil. The fixed oil seems to anchinhaleror the volatile EO and help it last longer.

    Charity of the Quarter:

    Magdalene House/Thistle Farms, helping women rebuild their lives.


    From The Healing Intelligence of Essential Oils

    “By altering the way in which sensory impressions are transmitted to the brain, essential oils ultimately alter what we consider to be real. This means essential oils can change how we see the world — they can change our worldview. This can be of the highest significance for true healing.”

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