Thanksgiving—Black Friday—Cyber Monday

(And new products, and back-in-stock products, and wonderful gift suggestions, too!)


For the truly dedicated bargain hunters:

Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 27. DISCOUNT CODE “turkey” (without the quotes) will give a 15% savings on all retail sized essential oils, 2, 5 and 15 ml sizes only.

Black Friday, November 28th, DISCOUNT CODE “shop” (without the quotes) will give 15 % off all of our Carrier Oils and Diluents, everything listed here and our Hydrosol collection, listed here.

Cyber Monday, December 1st, DISCOUNT CODE “online” (without the quotes) save 15% on all our Aromatherapy Accessories, including diffusers, bottles and jars, carrying cases (including the brand new ones described below). All these sales are based on product availability, no rainchecks, first come first served.

If all of that is just too much to keep up with, we have a simpler alternative: just shop any time during the whole Thanksgiving weekend, from Thursday through Monday, use the DISCOUNT CODE “Plymouth” (without the quotes) and save 12% on all of our normal retail products. Books, Kits and Samplers, and Bulk sizes are not included in the sale.

If you choose to shop on different days to maximize your savings, PLEASE do not ask us to combine orders to save on shipping. The quoted shipping cost is what you will be charged. We will not be able to make any changes to your order. Please don’t ask.


Perfect gifts for the aroma lover in your life: Just in time for gift giving, the shipment of AROMA STONES has arrived. Our safest and most silent diffuser, perfect to put on the bed table. Available in Cobalt or Eggshell matte finish.

After a LONG absence, our hanging Clay Pots are back. Hang one from your rear view mirror to keep the driver awake with Focus, hang a wee pot with some Cedarwood oil in a closet to deter moths, or put your favorite needle oil in one and hang it from the branch of an artificial tree. Bring the scent of a real tree into your home.

In addition to the SMALL PURSE-SIZE we have offered for some time, we now can make available three more. Our LARGE carrying case will hold up to thirty 5 ml bottles, or an array of 5 and 15 ml bottles. Depending on how you arrange the bottles you can probably fit some pipettes or scent strips in there. Two ml bottles tend to disappear unless in the small bag we ship them with. Our MEDIUM carrying case is designed to hold sixteen 15 ml bottles and will actually accommodate some 30 ml (1 ounce) bottles as well. And our newest COMPACT case holds up to 10 bottles, but will hold a range of 5 ml, 15 ml, some of our wee 2 ml bottles, and even some 10 ml rollons for the ultimate in versatility.


  • Cistus Hydrosol at a much more attactive price than last years!
  • Inula graveolens the most powerful respiratory oil, we’ve been waiting for this distillation.
  • New ORGANIC Eucalyptus globulous from Australia.
  • New, just arrived from Kathmandu, more Rhododendron essential oil, light and airy, it brings the feelings of the mountains.

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