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    BACK IN STOCK: Tis the season for restocking!

    Recent arrivals from France:

    Our long awaited Wild High Altitude Lavender —la crème
    de la crème—also fresh distillations of
    all three of our organic Lavandins, more Lavender Mailette, and (in
    my opinion) our best value— Population Lavender. We are in process of
    having all of these oils tested, but for now the GC/MS analysis on our website
    is from the 2013 distillation. Also from our favorite producer, both
    organic Thyme Linalol and rare Thyme Thujanol. Sourcing French Thyme
    was a challenge this year, and the cost of the Thujanol chemotype has escalated.
    Why? Because there was a drought in the high regions of Provence this summer. “But,” I asked, “Thyme thrives in dry weather, why is there a shortage?”
    “Ah yes, the thyme did well. But the grass died, so the goats ate the thyme.”

    We also were able to bring in a bit more Mastic. Amazing stuff!

    New arrivals from Canada:

    Organic Yarrow Hydrosol and more organically certified Wild Carrot Seed Hydrosol, as well as a new shipment of our organic Juniper Branch and Berry Oil and a small amount of healing Poplar Balsam Oil.

    Just arrived this week, again from France:

    Helichrysum Hydrosol, Wild Carrot Seed Essential Oil and new to us, Criste Marine Essential Oil, Crithmum maritimum, is commonly known as Sea
    Fennel or Samphire or Rock Samphire. Reputed to be a powerful diuretic, said to
    have both anti-oxidant scavenging and firming actions in skin care.   

    We also received a new supply of our Oxygen Barrier…for
    those who purchase bulk sizes of our oils, this will help prolong their shelf


    We have had a lot of requests recently for people wanting a
    blend to support friends and loved ones in Hospice care. The name
    that kept running through my head was Peaceful Crossing, a blend of
    Frankincense CO2 for calming, centering and connecting with the Sacred, Atlas
    Cedarwood, to calm anxiety and ease fears, Cypress, for comfort in times of
    loss, Blood Orange, our sweet anti-depressant, Rose Otto for calming grief and
    hysteria, and Spikenard, known for helping achieve inner peace, and releasing
    fears and resentments, the oil of forgiveness. This blend was designed to
    aid both the individuals preparing for the crossing, and the loved ones at their
    side. Available undiluted to use in a diffuser or inhaler or in a skin safe
    anointing oil (in jojoba oil) for topical use.


    Autumn seems just the right time to enjoy the gentle spices. Until our next newsletter, save 10% on 15 ml sizes of all our
    seasonal spice oils: Allspice, Cardamom, Cassia, Cinnamon Bark, Cinnamon Leaf, Clove Bud, Coriander, Ginger, Ginger CO2, and Nutmeg CO2. (Yes, the comment about our Allspice oil, below, is what prompted this spicy sale.)


    On Friday, October 31st use the discount code TRICK and save
    12.5% on retail sizes of all our essential oils, absolutes, and CO2
    extracts. (Retail sizes are 2, 5 and 15 ml bottles.)

    OR, on the full Hallowe’en weekend, from Friday the 31st
    through Sunday night, November 2nd, use the discount code TREAT and save 10%
    on almost all of our products.

    Special books, kits, and bulk oils are
    excluded from either sale.



    on both of Marge’s Books. It has been a year since we
    released the Kindle version of

    Essential Oils and Aromatics

    To celebrate, from November 1st through November 3rd save on both of our

    Essential Oils and Aromatics
    . These are “countdown” sales. On Essential Waters,
    save over 50% for the first 36 hours of the sale, then save over 25% until
    the sale ends. Similar savings on Essential Oils and Aromatics.


    Recently a Facebook group that shall remain anonymous hosted
    a discussion of “which supplier do you prefer.” Amid all the MLM
    recommendations from avid fans one message jumped out at me. Jennifer Berry wrote:

    When I was starting out 20 years ago, I found an online
    store called Nature’s Gift that was taking painstaking care to import
    high-quality, 100% pure essential oils, and was sharing safe, accurate, and
    useful information to enhance their use. In 20 years Marge Clark and her crew have never steered me wrong or sold me a bad product, and I’ve learned as much from their website as from any of the books
    I’ve read. You will not be disappointed.

    I shared that with Christi…it touched both of our hearts,
    and we thank Jennifer, both for her lovely comment, and for letting us share
    it with you.

    Re Allspice Oil:

    Dear Folks at Nature’s Gift,

    I just wanted you to know that my recent
    order, which included Essential Oil of Allspice, absolutely
    rocked my world. The Allspice is very special and of exceptional
    quality: It is all at the same time, sharp, warm, clear, deeply
    spicy, exotic, familiar, and luxurious. I think it should be added
    to the official list of aphrodisiac oils! I have long loved the
    warm oils, but this one in particular, is of exceptional quality it
    every way. The others I ordered were also of amazing quality (the
    Ginger Root CO2, especially)….but that Allspice!! There are no
    words! Sigh. Thank you.

    p>This was my first order from Nature’s Gift, and I am
    so pleased, you can be sure that I will be a regular customer.

    Sincerely, Jacqui J

    Now, it’s not often we get a chance to rock someone’s
    world, so I thought we’d share this. I suggested to Jacqui
    that next time she might want to sample Bay Laurel, since she loves
    the warm spices. I think it will also appeal to her.

    A Warming Blend

    Dannie Lane, of AromaTherapeutics Medicinal Aromatherapy and
    Massage shared this energetically (and physically!) warming blend last
    winter. I thought it would fit in well with our Autumn Spice sale:

    Ok, it’s cold out, very, very cold! This is Atlanta, we
    should not have highs in the upper 20’s with wind chills in the mid teens!
    Well I work out of my home and have some clients coming over this afternoon
    so I want to make something warming, something to make the place “feel”
    warm and welcoming. So I mixed up a blend of EOs that are energetically warm
    to diffuse. The mix is:

    In a 5ml bottle with a dropper top blend

    Ginger 50 drops: strong warming oil, gives a feeling of comfort and warmth,
    Cassia 25 drops: strongly warming to the body, not as HOT as cinnamon gives
    the feeling of comfort (I like how it smells when defused better then
    Allspice 10 drops: it smells good, and gives energy to the place/home.
    Black Pepper 15 drops: soft and light, gives a gentle warmth to a room,
    think of it as a warm hug.
    Cardamom 15 drops: love this oil, warming, sweet and spicy, but gentle at
    the same time, very uplifting to the mind
    Lemon 13 drops: light and sweet uplifting to the emotions and the mind.

    Add the EOs, one at a time, after adding each oil, swirl to mix and smell
    the blend. When adding each oil, think of WHY you are adding it and what you
    want the blend to do.

    Warning!!! These are powerful oils, defuse for 10 to 15 min at a time and
    stop for 30 to 45 min, then defuse again for 10 to 15 min. I would not let
    the defused oil get on finished surfaces!

    An Autumn Blend from 14 years ago:

    My friend June recently contributed this lovely seasonal blend for the diffuser or lamp:

    Autumn Forest Blend
    I just put together a forest-type blend of 15
    drops Black Spruce, 1 drop Atlas Cedarwood, 1 drop Galbanum and have
    it in my nebulizer right now. Lovely, rather like the woods on a
    late autumn afternoon after a rain. Woodsy but with a touch of
    composting leaves, very reminiscent of childhood walks in New
    England. It will be interesting to see how it mellows after a few
    days. I might even try this in a bath, diluting it in some Jojoba
    oil first, or try it for meditation. Most intriguing.

    This transplanted New Englander gets homesick every
    October… and this blend DOES smell like home!

    Sleep Sweet Linen Spray from Chasa Cochran of Back to Square One:

    4 fl oz vodka, 20 drops Green Mandarine (Citrus reticulata), 14 drops Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia), 6 drops Himalayan Cedarwood (Cedrus deodara), and 4 drops Blue Tansy (Tanacetuum anuum)… add essential oils to the vodka, shake well and spray your pillowcase.


    Most of our blog articles have been concerned with our newly
    redesigned website. If you haven’t visited yet and have questions you
    might want to browse some of the articles introducing it:

    Some Screen Shots introducing the changes.

    How to change your password
    (because the new site will assign you one at

    Missing the alphabetical “Quick Order List”? We’ve added
    How to find and use it.

    Also, Lisa, the talented graphic artist on our design team
    has written a great TOUR of the new site.
    Not on the
    blog, but on the site itself, here.

    And for a change in pace, “a day in the life” of Nature’s
    Gift. A HUGE order from a hospice for a product we don’t normally make
    in large batches.

    See how we got it together here


    Natural perfumer Christine Malcolm, of Santa Fe Botanicals
    shared this wonderful
    Tube video
    about distillation in France, Bulgaria and Hungary.

    A wonderful blog article by Victoria of Bois de Jasmin about
    the use of

    Citrus oils in fine perfumery

    A published research study showing the effectiveness of

    Marjoram, Lavender, Black Pepper and Peppermint on patients with chronic
    neck pain

    Quote of the month:

    “I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”
     (L. M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables)


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