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Like most of the United States, we are experiencing the dreaded August “Dog Days.” Our lawns and gardens are dry and brown, some of the trees are showing Autumn colors in midsummer.

We are fortunate to work in air-conditioned comfort…after all, the oils need “cool room temperature” so we wear sweaters. Our hearts go out to those who have to work outside, or don’t live with air-conditioning. Stay safe everyone.




Stock up and save! All of my beloved citrus oils at a 10% savings. Visit this page to see the list, discounts will be taken in the shopping cart. 15 mls only.

August Grag Bag

Suppliers send us samples. Sometimes they are products we buy and make available. Sometimes we choose not to. But the samples collect. We gathered a lot of them…took the original suppliers’ labels off, and put one of our handwritten labels to identify the contents. Some are wonderful; some are..not! Some are roses and sandalwoods and… other rarities. With an over 0 order, simply mention “grab bag’ in the COMMENTS at checkout, and, while they last, we’ll send you one. please, no special requests! Yesterday the producer of our Osmanthus sent us a wee sample of this year’s production. Yes, it will be added to the grab bag. (I already ordered a kilo…beautiful.)


New to us, a USA-grown Clary Sage much higher in sclareol than our traditional European-grown Clary specimens. It is our understanding that sclareol is the component believed to give clary sage its phyto-hormonal effects. This is the oil we will be using in our Passages and Moon Days synergies when we blend new batches, and the oil we recommend for menstrual and menopausal difficulties. We will continue to recommend our French Clary Sage for relaxation and for pain relief.

Back in Stock

BACK IN STOCK: Floral Waxes! It has been years since we offered these useful aromatics—ready to enrich solid perfumes or enrich your balms and salves.

BACK IN STOCK: Containers—we finally were able to restock our wee Lip Balm Pots. We use these for sample size creams and lotions. Perfect for lip balms, solid perfumes, a wide range of uses. We’ve lowered the price by 20%.

BACK IN STOCK: Essential Oils—This is the time of year we restock. Shipments are en route from almost all of our favorite suppliers. New arrivals include Organic Egyptian Anise Seed, USA-grown Roman Chamomile, Lavandin Super organic from Spain, soothing Helio Carrot CO2, after a long absence we can now offer Owyhee, Brazilian Rosewood, just in today, Organic Haitian Vetiver and Organic Canadian Yarrow.

BACK IN STOCK: Hydrosols—from Morocco two organic hydrosols, Neroli Hydrosol Organic, and Rose Hydrosol Organic.

BACK IN STOCK: Carrier Oils—Canadian Cranberry Seed Oil, a new supply of Kalahari Melon Seed Oil.

We are almost out of our Yuzu Absolute, but, for affordability, Jim blended a small amount in a 10% dilution in Fractionated Coconut Oil. 15 mls only. Supply is very limited.

From our Indian producer: new shipments of Himalayan Lavender, Holy Basil, Davana, Frankincense Serrata, all of our Jasmine Absolutes, and delightful White Ginger Lily. Hydrosols of Himalayan Cedarwood, Jasmine (Motia), and Tuberose.

From around the world: Neroli, organic Atlas Cedarwood (stock up on the Cedarwood, it will improve with age), cold-pressed Coffee, Bay Laurel, wild harvested on the island of Crete, Bulgarian Tobacco Absolute, wonderful for men’s fragrant blends. See these, and more on our new and special page.


It’s been MONTHS since we shared updates on our blog:

I didn’t realize how much I had written until I started this list.


Cleopatra’s Secret
Sandy Barret recently shared: “I’ve been experimenting with the Cleopatra line for a few weeks now, and I am really enjoying it! I use the wash daily; my dry skin is soft and smooth without feeling greasy, blemishes are clearing up. The serum smoothes out the fine lines and my over all complexion just seems healthier. The shower gel is giving me the same results, and it was nice to be spoiled by the bliss bath. I ordered the travel pack because there has been so much chatter over frankincense that I wanted to see for myself how well it really worked, and have been pleasantly surprised. Thank you for such great products!”

Shingles and Skeeters

Dear Marge & your wonderful staff,
A note to express my Gratitude for this amazing blend. My wife Paula introduced me to the Ravensara in Calophyllum for my recurring outbreaks of Shingles. It helps tremendously. Nothing else has. The vaccination has reduced the intensity but the blend stops the itching and reduces the blisters quickly.
Also use the Skeeter Beater as in South Florida the “Mosquito” is known as the state bird. I recently went on a Sea Turtle walk at a state park where you have to walk through a swampy woods to get to the beach. Most of the other walker’s spent time swatting and complaining about there store bought repellent not working. Not me the skeeter’s left me alone.
Thanks to you all,
Ron Wagner

(We love feedback like that, and we love it when folks give us permission to share!)

I am hearing a LOT of feedback from adults with ADD or ADHD and parents of schoolaged children with this diagnosis saying that an inhaler with Vetiver seems to help ground and center them. No single solution works for everyone, but this would certainly be worth trying. Vetiver is known for its grounding effects.

Formulas and Hints:

A Travel Tip from Pam Parsons, editor of The Aromatic Thymes.

Immediately after checking in to a stale hotel room, Pam fills the bathtub with extremely hot water, and places several drops of her favorite aromatic oils in the tub. She then swishes the oils well using the hotel ice bucket. Since many of the aromatic molecules are carried throughout the room with the steam, her room soon smells wonderful. After an evening meeting, Pam returns to her room an hour or so later when the water is comfortably warm for bathing and most of the essential oils have evaporated into the air. She then slinks in to enjoy a healing aromatic bath. Pam’s favorite oils for this purpose include cardamom, tulsi, sandalwood, frankincense, myrrh and/or vetiver.

Aromatics with Vetiver

Years ago my friend Karla shared these:

I love vetiver with sandalwood. A blend I made for a friend had
12 drops sandalwood
3 black spruce
5 vetiver
6 bergamot
3 black pepper
It was really nice.

Another was:
vetiver 10
sandalwood 7
spikenard 3
black pepper 3
bergamot 6
Roman chamomile 3
lime peel 3
black spruce 3

Both of those in 2oz of jojoba.


12 years ago Mary Jo wrote the following:

Hi Marge,
I woke up this morning and could hardly walk. I have bursitis in my right hip. I used a mixture of helichrysum, vetiver, black pepper, and jojoba oil. The pain decreased in about 10 minutes. I could walk without a limp for six hours. It was great!
I have also been in a horrible mood for the last few days (I’m dealing with a lot of fear). I must say, the synergy did wonders for my attitude. I walked around relaxed and on cloud nine all day.
Maybe you could pass along the recipe to fellow sufferers.


“The fragrance always stays in the hand that gives the rose…”
I wish I knew the source.


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