Carrot Root, Helio

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Daucus carota radix organically grown and CO2 extracted in Germany
•Organic Skincare
•Strengthens Nails
•Nourishes Hair
•Stimulates Sebum Production
•Highly antioxidant, Rich in Beta Carotene


Product Information

This CO2 extraction of the essence of dried carrot roots into pure Jojoba Oil is extremely high in beta-carotene, and vitamins A and E. It is believed to be very beneficial to hair and skin.

Please note that this CO2 extraction is much more concentrated than many of the infused Carrot Root Oils available on the commercial market. The typical safflower-based infusion is meant to be used as the whole base oil in a formulation. This extract contains the CO2 extraction of 10 lbs of dried carrot root to every one lb of Jojoba, so a few drops of this rich essence would be the equivalent of ounces of infused oil.

Topical application of Helio Carrot Oil is said by many skin care experts to promote the formation of new cells and stimulate the production of sebum in dry, scaly skin, and scalp. Some authorities state that Carrot Root Extract is such a powerful anti-oxidant that it can help preserve the life of products containing it. It is also recommended by some to help prevent sun damage. Just a few drops of this enriching extract brings soothing to chapped and irritated skin. A must in formulas for aging or weathered skin. Please be aware that this extract, like many of the other beta-carotene-rich extracts, is deep orange and will temporarily color your skin.

Like most of our CO2 extracts, we recommend use at 1 or 1.5% in most skin care applications. (For more information about proper dilution, we recommend reading our How to Use Essential Oils pages.)

Certificate of Analysis:
Batch No. GE-951106
Batch No. GE-461224
Batch No. GE-471327
Batch No. GE-58862
Batch No. GE-59069
Batch No. GE-59171






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