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New and Back in Stock:

New USB Port diffuser for your personal space, and our favorite Classic Ultrasonic diffusers have returned. A new Aromatherapy necklace, back in Stock Hydrosols: Lemon Thyme, Rose Geranium and Yarrow. NEW respiratory blend — Deep Breath, Christi’s blend for my COPD difficulties. New Christmas Blend for the early holiday shoppers — O Christmas Tree. Since the worst of Summer’s heat is behind us, we can once again ship our Shea Soufflé, Baby Bottom Balm, Melissa Calendula Lip Balm, and our special Baby Gift Sets. See all on our new and special page.


For September, save 10% on our cold pressed organic citrus oils, some of our lesser known wood oils, our Autumn Synergy, and a special “stocking up” special – one fluid ounce of Fresh Aire. Continuing sale on some of our Hydrosols, as well. All are listed on our New and Special page.

Halloween Sale

On October 30th and 31st. There will be two sales, two promotional codes. You may only use one code though, so you will have to choose. (Yes, you may place two orders, but you will be charged shipping on both orders, so the savings won’t be worth paying double shipping.)

Since Hallowe’en is trick or treat day, we will have a trick or treat sale:

Enter the Promotional Code TRICK, press apply,and save from 8 to 12% on all our retail sized products, even the kits which we normally do not discount. The only exclusions will be bulk products.

OR… enter the promotional code TREAT, press apply, and save from 12 to 15% on all retail sized essential oils, absolutes, and CO2 extracts. you choose, trick or treat.

Blog Updates:

We have been so busy pouring and labeling and pricing all the new goodies there has been little time to write. But someone, a newcomer, asked a question based on a false assumption, and prompted a GLORIOUS rant. See “GC/MS Analysis = Guarantee?” if you want to read my rant. (I shared this link on Facebook and it has gathered a LOT of comment, especially among our professional colleagues.)

Since then we watched a friend fall victim to an “out of control” government agency. When an incoming shipment of an essential oil is seized and held because some other website (not related in any way to my friend’s company) made what the government interpreted as medicinal claims, all the oils we love are at risk. Read about the situation here. And read some proposed action to be taken here.

The weekend of Sept. 20th about 150 of us attended the biannual Alliance of International Aromatherapists conference in St. Petersburg. It was just a wonderful weekend… the chance to catch up with friends from all over the world. During it, I was honored to be included in a list of “Pillars of Aromatherapy,” and was given a “Vintage Aromatherapist” badge by one of my mentors. Of course I had to blog about it… read the shameless self promotion here.

On a more serious note, as part of Robert Tisserand’s preconference workshop he touched on essential oil and prescription drug interactions. New and important information.

And to end the month on a humorous note, a client wrote asking what do you call the female version of jock itch…and how to heal it.

Coming soon — last year’s series “12 days of Christmas Crafting” was very popular, so Christi has started putting together another series. Expect it to start going online within the next week, so you might check our blog when you think of it.

Facebook Gleanings

In a recent discussion about “melting” semi-solid oils for blending, Dee Gendrin suggested sitting a small bottle on the warming pan of a coffee maker. I’ve had friends sit them on an aromastone to warm, and tuck them inside their bras, but the coffeemaker is a brilliant idea. (Warming in hot water is ideal, but it’s hard to warm a 2 ml bottle in hot water!)

Certified Clinical Aromatherapy Practitioner training… face to face, not online. An INSPIRED teacher is offering the Jane Buckle CCAP training in North Carolina over the course of the next year. The first weekend’s training is in Asheville, the weekend of Oct. 5. Please spread the word. I am tempted to make the trip, just to study with Kathy. Contact me for more info.

Laundry tip: one to two fl ounces of white vinegar, add 4-6 drops of your chosen essential oil (I use our Fresh Aire Blend) and add to the fabric softener dispenser of your washer. Laundry comes out fresh smelling with no synthetic chemicals.


From newsletters over a decade ago, using some of the Citrus oils on sale this month:

My friend Harriet writes: FYI I’ve found that a blend of lemon rind and black spruce, in the diffuser, is the perfect oil for increasing focus and mental ability…in addition for wonderfully cutting the cigarette smoke out of the air.

And a delightful diffuser blend from my friend Wendy Robbins of Aromaweb
1 drop Jasmine
6 drops Sweet Orange
3 drops Patchouli

One of the simplest and easiest recipes in Donna Maria’s book:

The Sandalwood Body Envelope:
Add 3 drops of Orange (or Mandarine, my thought!)
1 drop Rose
2 drops Sandalwood
to 1/2 ounce of your favorite massage base oil, and envelop yourself in the Sandalwood Body Envelope…or better yet, have someone else envelope you in it!

© 2000 Donna Maria, shared with permission.

Quote of the Month:

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower…. ” —Albert Camus

And, of course, there is my very favorite line…“October’s bright blue weather.”

Have a glorious October everyone!

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