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This newsletter contains:

  • Ancient history – a quote from the July, 2003 newsletter
  • Fourth of July Special Sale/Promo Codes
  • July New and Back in Stock products
  • July Sales: Carrier oils, Summer Coolers, Summer First Aid, and Christmas in July
  • Blog Update Bees and Green Cleaning
  • Our Clients Say – a scent blend, Lemonade, and product uses & feedback.
  • Aromatic Quote of the Month

From a decade old newsletter:

The Fourth of July is approaching, for our international friends, this is the day we celebrate our independence from foreign rule. It is a very joyous holiday for us. Since it falls in midsummer, we normally celebrate with back yard barbecues, fireworks, and family festivities.

We are celebrating here, by offering our SkeeterBeater Gel and the most American of all our essential oils — Midwestern Peppermint — at reduced prices on our Specials page. (There are other cooling oils, as well, but that is a direct quote from 10 years ago!)

Fourth of July Sale:

A word about Promo Codes: If you enter a promo code, press apply, and see the discount reflected, then continue shopping and add another item, the promo code WILL be removed. (It stand to reason, if you make a change in the cart contents, the discount will change.) The cart will not automatically adjust your discount, instead, it will remove it. So, please, make sure you add the promotional codes AFTER you have completed your shopping trip. If you go back and add another item (or delete one) please make sure you re-enter the code.

On Thursday, July 4th, enter the Promotional Code “Freedom”, press apply, and receive from 12% to 16% off all our retail sized essential oils. Use the list on our alphabetical list to start shopping. Enter the Promo Code, press apply and you will see your discount reflected online. Please don’t submit the order if you don’t see the discount; we will not be able to apply it retroactively. We will be open and working on Friday the 5th and hope to be able to ship most of the sale orders on Friday. Please do not request any changes to your order, we are going to be rushing.

For the long holiday weekend, from midnight Wednesday night (or Thursday morning) until midnight Sunday night, enter the promotional code Fireworks and receive from 8 to 12% discount on ALL normal retail sized items. As usual, books, kits, bulk products and clearance items (anything marked “no other discount may apply”) will not be discounted.

You may only use one discount code on an order. Please do not ask us to combine orders to save on shipping. We are not going to be able to make any changes on the orders as entered, with one major exception. If your order is large enough to qualify for free domestic shipping, but you have received a large discount (more than the amount of shipping) you will be charged our actual shipping costs. (Because free shipping on a discounted order = a “double discount” and we can’t do that.)

There may be some other spur of the moment sales during July. July 23rd is Gorgeous Grandma’s Day…thinking Cleo’s Secret. July 14th is Bastille day..thinking French. July 21st is National Ice Cream Day… thinking Citrus and Vanilla… and somewhere along there is Marge’s birthday…definitely cause for a party! Spur of the moment sales are always announced on Facebook, and Twitter, and will show on the Facebook box on our front page.

New and Back in Stock:

A DOZEN new and/or back in stock oils, a wonderful new summer facial/carrier oil, a new SPRAYABLE face and body lotion, Calendula in a 10% dilution, new packaging…all described and linked to on our new and special page.


Carrier oils: all our liquid carrier and facial oils are discounted 10% this month. The discount will be taken in the shopping cart, the website reflects the ‘normal’ prices.

Summer Cooler Sale: The USA Peppermint, mentioned above, our organic Indian Peppermint, Organic Spearmint, our “Cool It!” Synergy and “Cool as a Cucumber” Toner. All on our new and specials page.

Summer “First Aid” Sale: Skeeterbeater, After the Bite, and Sunburn Soother, on the Specials page.

Christmas in July: Our three Christmas Synergies, Holiday Joy, Three Kings and Winter Sunshine all at a 10% discount, as well as some of our favorite “Christmas Trees” a selection of Conifer oils, only on the specials page:

Blog Updates:

Very little time to write in June.

Christi wrote about Bees being drawn to Lemon Eucalyptus in “Minding our Bees and Q’s”

Marge has done the two installations on a “Green Cleaning” blog series. First, a non-toxic Toilet Bowl cleaner. and Second – Stove Top Cleaning.

We’re working on a series. Everyone else online seems to be too, but that’s alright..there’s always room to learn!

Our Clients Say

A summery formula from over a decade ago:
Blend recipe… Misty was playing and came up with a delightful light summery perfume or diffuser blend… one drop each of Spearmint, Ylangylang, and Tuberose 10%…(or 10 drops each of the ylangylang and spearmint with one drop of undiluted Tuberose) She’s thinking of making a room spray, I have it in the aromalamp on the shelf over the desk. Yummy! (She used Ylangylang extra, but I think whichever you have on hand would work well.)

The Bois de Jasmin blog recently featured a lush and lovely lemonade recipe that involved slicing lemons, macerating in sugar for several hours, squeezing out the resulting syrup and adding chilled water and Neroli Hydrosol (Orange Blossom Water.) Quick and easy alternative – use your favorite lemonade recipe (even if it’s storebought) and add a splash of Neroli Hydrosol) Victoria used 2 tablespoons (60 ml) of Neroli water to 8 or 9 cups of Lemonade. (2 liters.). She also added 4 sprigs of mint to the pitcher. I’ve always loved mint in lemonade, but never thought of the Neroli.

Poison Ivy and Bruises:
Andrea Link, in Canada, had written re a poison ivy rash. A couple of days later we were following up, and she wrote:

Thank you for your suggestions on Facebook regarding my husband’s poison ivy, it has been very helpful. Thankfully, his blistering, etc, has started clearing up, and last night I used your sunburn soother to help relieve some of the itching, and it worked very well – well enough that he’s taken my bottle to work today in case the rash continues to bug him (he’s not one for natural remedies, etc). I have also found that it works exceptionally well on some of my more severe bruises (I bruise easily, and sometimes they act almost like burns, not only being discolored and sore, but inflamed and hot to the touch), and in the heat of summer, it’s a nice, light, refreshing yet moisturizing gel to use on my face in place of my typical moisturizer if I’ve been out all day. This is definitely a product I don’t want to be without since it seems to have so many uses!

Black Flies:
Elizabeth, from Maine, recently wrote:

Just wanted to let you know I got my first black fly bite (I was out in our yard) last week. I applied the After-the-Bite within just a few minutes and it dramatically (italics) cut down on the itching immediately. I doled out the rest of the sample over the next 24 hours.

1. The overall size of the welt was significantly smaller.
2. The itching and discomfort (while still a little) was tolerable.
3. Although the bite did make a minor blister, it was minimal.
4. Healing time has been cut way down.

(I’ll be watching longer-term to see if it scars.) so – great success – and as far as I am concerned, you can add black flies to the list of biters for which it is worth having After the Bite on hand! (I’ll probably carry small vials with me, since the irritation starts almost immediately and stopping the reaction seems to be key!)

When I asked if I could quote her she wrote:

Yes, it was exciting for me when the burning just STOPPED – because they (insect bites) truly are the bane of my existence and I’ve sometimes had to take multiple doses of benadryl to try to manage the reactions… You may certainly quote me – or use my experience if others inquire.:o)

I LOVE success stories!

Karen, from Carmel, CA wrote last week:

I found a “new use for the Seabuckthorn CO2. I use the only sun block that actually covers the full spectrum of UVA and UVB rays: ZINC But, zinc is white (non nano) and so natural sun block creams like the very popular “Badger” leave my face coated with the telltale zinc white film.

Ahhh, finally a remedy found in the Seabuckthorn CO2 for the color as I applied a few drops of the remedy into the Badger’s zinc sun block, mixed it, then applied it to my skin. The results: no more white film coating my skin. Instead, a more neutral tone that blended wonderfully with my fair skin tone.
The color correction is wonderful and since Seabuckthorn CO2 is used for sun products and burn victims, the blending enhances the zinc block product in therapeutic ways too.

Very happy with this discovery and new application. Thanks millions for offering quality products that I can rely on.

Quotes of the Month:

One summer’s day at break of dawn,
I saw fairies with no clothes on.
Washing themselves with lavender dew,
Takin’ a bath like me and you.
By Carla J. Nelson

“Give me odorous at sunrise a garden of beautiful flowers
where I can walk undisturbed.”
— Walt Whitman, Give Me That Splendid Silent Sun

Have a safe and happy Fourth everyone.


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