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New and Back in Stock:

New Arrivals: Yuzu Absolute, Violet Leaf Absolute, Rosemary Verbenon, Cape Chamomile, Helichrysum italicuum Essential Oils, NEW oils: Helichrysum gymoncephalum and Helichrysum crispum (Cape Helichrysom), Vetiver Sri Lanka, and an amazing Osmanthus Absolute…so special we have named it Osmanthus Mielleur… French for BEST. Exciting new Hydrosols. Cape Chamomile, Rose de Mai, Rosalina, Fragonia™. Back in stock: Teatree, Lemon Teatree and Roman Chamomile Hydrosols. I’ve been kept busy correcting prices and adding in all the “back in stock” items. See all of these on our New and Special page.


A clearance on our earlier Osmanthus Absolute. All that is left is a wee bit of the 10% dilution. Save on two end of summer hydrosols, and CLEARANCE on our Bulgarian Rose Hydrosol (as we make room for a new French Rosa damascena hydrolat. For the Autumn Equinox we’ve marked down the close of summer (Summer Sunshine) and our Autumn Sunshine Synergy, to celebrate the Autumn Equinox.


Something new for you, we have decided to offer ONE of our synergies each month in a bulk, 30 ml size. For September it’s our back to school study blend, FOCUS. Order one fluid ounce for 2.00. Six 5 ml bottles would be 6.00.

Back to school features: Our normal 5 ml size of FOCUS is on special sale, as is our new Trauma Oil for back to school first aid.


Starting right now through Midnight, Monday night, September 2, enter the Promotional code Autumn and press apply. The discount will range from 12% to 18% through out the three day weekend. Covered items include all essential oils, hydrosols, carrier oils, and aromatherapy products. Specifically excluded are all kits, special books, clearance and bulk items, or any other product specifically marked “no other Nature’s Gift discount may apply.” Free shipping may not apply to any order using this code. The discount shown on your order confirmation is what will be used. Discounts may not be applied retroactively. Please don’t ask us to change or add to an order after it has been placed. We know from experience that we will be totally slammed on Tuesday when we return to work and will not be able to accommodate any changes or special requests. (Sorry, but it’s not fair to everyone.)


The Alliance of International Aromatherapists is holding its biannual conference in St. Petersburg FL on September 19th to 22nd. This is a ‘don’t miss’ for serious aromatherapy students. Nature’s Gift has an extra ticket to the conference, to be given away. Email marge at, with the subject line CONFERENCE and tell us why you should be chosen to receive the ticket. The winner will be responsible for his/her own lodging and transportation, the ticket is for the conference only, not the preconference workshop. See the list of speakers here. Please don’t ask to be considered unless you know you will be able to attend. Don’t take someone else’s chance unless you are serious about this. The winner will be chosen during the first week in Sept. so please, if you are entering, email me by Labor Day at the latest.


At this months AIA monthly teleseminar, our friend and client Debi Rodriguez, from St. Claire Hospital in Wisconsin was one of the presenters. The topic was essential oils vs MRSA, and they shared some “in process” research that we have been involved in and supplying the oils for. Exciting news. Debi shared several successful case studies using our MERCY Body Wash and Treatment Gel, and new research which may lead to new products or changes in existing products. We are learning that the combination of Manuka Oil and Tea Tree Oil is more effective than Tea Tree alone. And that for reasons totally unknown the blend of oils that is currently showing the best results is more effective in aloe gel than in the body wash. So we may be reformulating the MERCY gel once the results are in. Also, althought it is too irritating to be used topically except in extremely weak dilution, it seems that the vapor alone of high-myrcene Cymbopogon citratus from Madagascar (yes, lemongrass) is effective in the laboratory tests. They are currently starting “in vivo” trials, using volunteers whose nostrils are colonized with MRSA, to see if this lemongrass will remove the MRSA colonies simply by inhalation. Exciting times!!!

Blog Updates:

We have been so busy pouring and labeling and pricing all the new goodies there has been little time to write. But someone, a newcomer, asked a question based on a false assumption, and prompted a GLORIOUS rant. See “GC/MS Analysis = Guarantee?” if you want to read my rant. (I shared this link on Facebook and it has gathered a LOT of comment, especially among our professional colleagues.)

Back to school ideas:

Butterflies in the tummy? Lots of little ones have some anxiety about being left for the day. One of our former staffers used a bottle of Neroli Hydrosol. Her little girl called it her “butterfly spray” because “it made the butterflies in my tummy fly away.” Something to remember.

Head Lice: (No, none of us like to talk about them, but they do show up during the school year.) Recently Christi was corresponding with a client about possible remedies, and shared the following:

Okay, as I mentioned Eucalyptus oils but also Red Myrtle is effective according to some French research.

In researching this new oil I came across a note made in the late 90’s: a French research team had found previously that myrtle oil was effective against lice, and attributed the effective ingredients to cineole and, to a lesser extent, alpha-pinene and linalool (Gauthier et. al., 1989). My note does not show how the Myrtle oil would be used; but I suspect it would do no HARM do make a 5% dilution in Jojoba, coat the hair and scalp, let stand (perhaps wrapped in plastic or a shower cap) and later shampoo out. (per Marge)

Also an old blog article:

Hope that helps!

Hand Sanitizers: If your child’s school requires them, and if you object, or if your child is allergic (our Josh’s hands turned beet red when forced to use the schools alcohol-based sanitizers!) your teacher may approve of KleenHandz as a gentler, more natural alternative.

Our Clients Share:

On Facebook recently Karlene Dooley Vickers shared this idea:

Took your sample vials and put together single samples of synergies for aromabaths!!! I took those and put them in individual tiny ziplock bags (the ones designed for beads from the hobby shops) nd labeled them with the the contents and instructions for use!!!! My daughter loved them!!! Nature’s Gift brings health,happiness and healing to our lives!!!!

Bless your heart, Karlene, I love that phrase.. we bring “health, happiness and healing”… thank you!!!

And Tess Clark reminded me of a formula that Angela Eaton had shared a few years ago: “Bliss Drops – Equal parts of White Ginger Lily, Vanilla, and Sandalwood, all in 10% dilutions.” I think this will make a wonderfully Autumnal Perfume in a few more weeks!

And Karen Neal shared (just before the fourth of July weekend):

Skeeter Beater is the bomb especially when dealing with those dreaded Asian Tiger mosquitoes but on the rare occasion you are bitten, After the Bite is an awesome EO blend. I am so glad I ordered After the Bite is works fast to take out the sting and itch. PS…may not be meant to use this way but did wonders for an itchy rash too. Time to order again with the wonderful holiday savings for the 4th of July.
Marge and crew, you rock!!!!!

Thinking this is appropriate since the Asian Tigers are here in TN and we have another holiday sale coming for stocking up!

Quote of the Month:

“[T]hat old September feeling, left over from school days, of summer passing, vacation nearly done, obligations gathering, books and football in the air… Another fall, another turned page: there was something of jubilee in that annual autumnal beginning, as if last year’s mistakes had been wiped clean by summer.” —Wallace Stegner, Angle of Repose


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