It has been a LONG time since there has been time to put together a newsletter. Early in May I was in Boulder CO, studying with Madeleine Kerkhof-Hayes. All we could manage last month was a quick Memorial Day sale notice. This will be long and chatty, so pour some iced tea, sit back and get comfy.

This newsletter contains:

Specials (save 10% on retail sizes):

For Father’s Day: All of our woods… (because to me, they are the most masculine of oils!) Sandalwoods, Cedarwoods, Palo Santo, (the holy wood of the Amazon,) rare Agarwood (Oud), Buddha Wood CO2 from Australia, Australian Blue Cypress (yes, this is a wood, not an needle oil like our other cypress,) Guaiacwood, Hinoki wood, (while supplies last.) Ho Wood, (highest in linalool,) Rosewood,… the whole collection. Also, our Tree of Life, the wood elemental synergy. (The current batch is well aged and truly beautiful. Its replacement is blended but we don’t want to release for a few more months.)

Because vacation season is starting we are putting all of our vacation savers on sale, because especially on vacation, things can go wrong. These include: After the Bite, Skeeter Beater Oil and Gel, Sunburn Soother, That’s Better, MuscleEase, and SineEase Inhalers. In case of motion sickness, we’ve added our Happy Morning anti-nausea inhaler.  All are ready to use as packaged, we’ve done the diluting and or blending for you.

New Arrivals:

Another Sandalwood Tamil (Santalum Album, from Tamil Nadu, India, named 2016.) We have let this one age for over a year before introducing it, and it is truly lovely. Blood Orange Hydrosol a light delightful Citrus. Yummy in a glass of water, wonderful mood lifter as a room spray. Rose Attar from India. (I’m sorry, this sold out the first weekend we listed it. We are restocking, but it will take time.) The first in a series of these traditional Indian extracts; Rosa damascena, distilled into a container of Sandalwood oil. Richly aromatic, long lasting on the skin. My new love! Wheat Bran CO2 extract Rich, emollient, scar healing fixed oil.

Back In Stock:

More than we can count! Tagetes, Melissa, Ruh Khus, Aroma Pods, more 2016 Neroli (the 2017 crop was decimated by four days of hot dry winds just at harvest time. We were fortunate in being able to restock more of last year’s!), Du Cane Kunzea, Turmeric CO2, English Lavender and German Chamomile, Champa infused in Apricot Kernel oil, Frankincense serrata from India,Davana, also from India, Scent strips for aromatic evaluation and blending (new, at a lower price!)

Blog Updates:

Our Clients Say:

Susie Madunich of Aromatic Blessings recently wrote about our Frankincense Sacra infused oil:

I am already obsessed with all thing Frankincense, but the smell of this is truly heavenly. I put a drop on my hand an hour ago and I can still smell it. I’m going to try it on some skin things and my mind is already whirling with possibilities of different ways to help heal WOW, just WOW! (We are so glad you love it as much as we do, Susie!)

Happy Baby Wash: It’s not just for Babies any more!

We have had several requests to offer this gentle liquid soap in a larger refill size, and for that reason we are now offering it in a bulk refill 16 fl oz. Evelyn Goleman recently wrote, I like to use it to wash my hands, it doesn’t dry them out like a lot of other liquid soaps, and it really lathers up nicely.

And that, apparently, is why we are getting requests for refills.  Thank you for letting me share that, Evelyn.

From the archives:

From the June 2007 newsletter:

A Spring Scent:

Lily Lee wrote,

 One drop of Violet Leaf (10% dilution) on my cotton handbag lasts from 9-5 and its aroma brings blessings to my heart.

Waterless Cleanser: Carry it in your car for long weekend trips or vacations

from Jane Wolfe

1 cup (240 ml) Aloe Vera Gel
1 to 3 teaspoons.(5 to 15 ml) rubbing alcohol (more or less to your liking, maximum amount will make it dry more quickly)
2 teaspoons (10 ml) Glycerin
6 Tablespoons (90 ml) distilled water or hydrosol
4-5 drops Eucalyptus or Lemongrass essential oil
5 – 8 drops Lemon Tea Tree essential oil

Facebook Snippets:

Research links and news posted on the Nature’s Gift Facebook Page:

Lavender (with or without acupressure) effective against agitation w/ dementia. (I had to laugh out loud when they said Melissa (lemon balm) is a common essential oil used in Aromatherapy. ummmm. no. ;).

Training Your Nose from Victoria, at Bois de Jasmin. Enjoy.…/workout-for-the-nose-how-to-improve your sense of smell…

Neroli: We just bought a another shipment of LAST season’s Neroli. And heard the following from our supplier, We had pretty bad news from Moroccan Neroli… they recently had 3 days of strong hot wind, called Choum, that destroyed up to 40% of the flowers… This situation is a disaster and will strongly affect availability and price. I am SO glad we have lots of the 2016, because 2017 is going to be a challenge.

Tick removal: YES! I get asked repeatedly about applying various EO’s to embedded ticks. NO!. this is a dangerous procedure. My friend Sue Pace (who lives in the heart of Tick Country) recommends this US made tool:

Aromatherapy patches in the NICU: I’ve been talking about our Happy Dreams patches being designed for a NICU unit. Different hospital, different blend, but same idea:…/pediatric-experts-find-aromatherapy…

These, and a long list of other research studies, as well as the first glimpse at new products and sales are shared on our Facebook Page.

Aromatic Quote of the Month:

(Also from June 2007! Christi found this back then. It delighted me then, and still does.)

It is the month of June,
The month of leaves and roses,
When pleasant sights salute the eyes,
And pleasant scents the noses.

Nathaniel Parker Willis

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