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  • A preview of our “New and Special” page.
  • Special Blog Series: 12 Days of Christmas Crafts
  • Trick or Treat Special
  • Blog Updates
  • Our Clients Say
  • Facebook Gleanings
  • Reminder of our Charity of the Quarter
  • Our Quotes of the month.
  • October Specials Page

    Cool Weather! Back in stock – Baby Bottom Bath, Shea Soufflé, Melissa-Calendula Lip Balm
    New/Back in stock products: Larch Oil, Hops Extract, Ledum and Larch Hydrosols, Indian Frankincense Oil and CO2
    New Harmony Synergy and Harmony Skincare free gifts.
    Chamomile Sale, save 10% on all of our Chamomiles.
    Celebrate Autumn with our Autumn Sunshine and other synergies and oils that say “Autumn” to us.
    Continuing luxurious “Mystery Rose” blend availability
    Clearance continues on Elderberry and Spearmint Hydrosols.
    All of the above may be seen on our New And Specials page.

    BLOG Special Series:

    Christi writes: 12 days of Christmas: Creating Aromatic Gifts with Essential Oils

    The Christmas holiday season is rapidly approaching (86 days!) and every year I intend to make aromatic gifts for my friends but time gets away too quickly and I rarely match my ambitions, thinking, “Well, there’s always NEXT year”! Next year has arrived so I put on my thinking cap and began making preparations early and wanted to share some neat ideas in case you, too, would like to share the gift of aromatherapy with friends and family.

    The result: over the next 12 days, I’ll be blogging special recipes and blending tips and each day we’ll give you the opportunity to save on a featured item which can be utilized for your own unique blends and creations.

    Fresh recipe/idea/tips each day from Monday, Oct 1 through Friday Oct 12. Only on the Nature’s Gift Blog.

    Trick or Treat:

    Of course there’ll be a Trick or Treat special. We just don’t know yet what it will be – and if we write about it now you’ll forget in four weeks. Look for a late October newsletter with some spectacular sale announcements indeed!

    Blog updates:

    Since our last newsletter we blogged about:

  • “Introducing Hobi Won Kenobi” – Our new toy/tool.
  • A real success story: a mother wrote about her son’s Molluscum contagiosum.
  • We have fun. Lunch on a slow day – pictures and recipe. YUM!
  • Our staff is creative – a new use for our little clay pot diffusers.
  • Poetry Break – A Rose by Any Other Name
  • And to start the series: 12 Days of Christmas Creations – Day 1.
  • Our Clients Say:

    Our most important feedback this month was mentioned above – the successful treatment of a toddler’s Molluscum contagiosum with a blend of Calophyllum inophyllum and Ravensara.

    Lisa from Tucson wrote about using Frankincense carterii Birdwell (Frankincense Somalia), blended with Amni Visnaga and Hyssop oils, for asthma symptoms. “and at this point I find it more effective than Albuterol, etc.” We love hearing feedback like this. (She also said “Finally, your traditional helichrysum helps keep a very painful nerve problem under control, that drugs were unable to do.”)

    Debi Rodriguez recently wrote, commenting on our Toner Samplers, writing “5 – I love it. Really want to use this regularly. My skin felt so soft after using it!!! When will it be available?:)” She was DELIGHTED to hear that the toner she loved was our Cleopatra’s Secret Toner!


    We found a study showing that Acupuncture is as effective against the pain of Herpes Zoster (Shingles) as the commonly prescribed medications. (I wish we could arrange for a study of Ravensara and Calophyllum!)

    An article in Living Green Magazine listed the worst states for toxic air pollution. (Tennessee ranked 12th.)
    Lots of news about new products, lots of pictures of “in process” products and what goes on at Nature’s Gift We want you to get to know us, and hope to get to know more of you.

    That’s some of what has been talked about on the Nature’s Gift Facebook page since our last newsletter.

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    Charity of the Quarter:

    Midwives on Missions of Service travel to the poorest parts of the world to share information on safer pregnancies and birthing methods, to help improve the lives of women and children.

    From their website: MOMS is a non-profit, non-denominational organization whose purpose is to improve maternal health through education and service.

    How we fulfill our mission:
    Prepare women to educate and support their communities, especially the pregnant women in those communities
    Train women in the skills and knowledge they need to support local women in normal birth
    Promote effective maternity care to all women

    Our Philosophy of Mission:
    We serve marginalized women. We have a vision of improving women’s and children’s lives by helping provide excellent maternity care. We stay focused on serving women and preparing them to support their communities skillfully. With our experience in effective management, we also think creatively. We act responsibly with the trust our donors and clients have given us. We like to have fun, not taking ourselves too seriously, while taking MOMS’ work very seriously.

    Aromatic Quotes of the Month

    One of my favorite poems:

    October’s Bright Blue Weather

    O suns and skies and clouds of June,
    And flowers of June together,
    Ye cannot rival for one hour
    October’s bright blue weather;

    “Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower…. ” —Albert Camus

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