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May is for Mothers, and we have lots of special goodies for the Moms in your life.

This newsletter contains:

  • NEW SKINCARE – for Combination and Sensitive Skin – HARMONY see it first on our New and Special page.
  • New gentle Exfolliant – gentle enough for the most sensitive skin. Skin Renewal
  • Join our Client Testing Panel.
  • Bliss Bath and Perfume specials on our New and Special page.
  • BACK IN STOCK – Red Raspberry and Cranberry Seed oils, Refillable Pocket Inhalers and Davana Essential Oil
  • Blog Updates
  • Our Clients Say
  • Formulas, recipes, and suggestions
  • Quotes of the month
  • We waited until Mother’s Day to unveil our new line of botanically based skincare designed for Combination and Sensitive skin, as well as a new, gentle exfoliant that we all love.

    We also are asking for your feedback on some product testing. See more on our Specials page.

    What mother doesn’t love our bliss bath? Or our roll on personal perfumes? Save 10% and order in time for Mother’s Day. Sale pricing only on the specials page.

    Blog Updates:

    I wrote about my rambler rose blooming almost two months early and shared a recipe for a fresh spring beverage.

    A friend shared her love of Blue Lotus, and a meditation blend using our new Blue Lotus Infusion.

    Christi shared her research into Fragonia™ essential oil.

    Our Clients Say:

    Difficult Times

    A lot of our friends seem to be going through trying and difficult times this year. Many have written to share how the oils have helped them cope and get to “the other side.” Some have been generous enough to let me share.

    Alisa wrote describing the sad and stressful events going on in her life… and finished with: “But after using the Rose Bliss Bath (which is so good it is decadent), massaging in Lavandin Super and anointing myself with the Solace oil, I have the surreal sensation of being pampered as a princess yet comforted as a child.”

    “Pampered as a princess yet comforted as a child.”… I love that… and am glad the the Bliss Bath I developed to ease my own grieving process is able to help others.

    Anne wrote: I do want to let you know, I absolutely love your Citrus Smile. That has been the biggest help for all of this (plus all the other crazy stuff in my life.) It really helps lift the spirits and I really do find myself smiling whenever I smell it. When I asked for permission to quote her, she replied “You can definitely quote me for the Citrus Smile. I’m a Florida girl, borne and raised who recently moved to the Midwest and I can’t imagine surviving the winters here with out it. It also it great for helping with the bouts of home sickness when I miss my groves of citrus trees =)

    And Deborah Firmin wrote:

    Hi Marge, As always, thanks for the wonderful oils. I would love a sample of the orange blossom and the plai and the lime. Your last box arrived when I was in the middle of a bronchial infection and stomach dog flu, (daughter in law works for the vet) that put me out for four days. When I opened that green mandarine sample I knew I would live again. God bless you. Your fan, Deborah

    The “I knew I would live again” made us all laugh out loud. When I wrote asking for permission to quote she replied, “Of course you can quote me. You can also add that the Saro helped my lungs clear from my first ever bronchial infection that cut like a knife every time I took a breath.”

    Cade Oil

    Last month Christi wrote a blog article about our new CADE oil. Diane responded on the blog a few days later:

    Wow – talk about serendipity. Just a while ago I got a big rash on my leg – I have no idea where it came from, or what I did, but general emollients and palma rosa and lavender haven’t made a dent in it. I have had to give up water aerobics since it is so angry and red. I ordered a bottle of cade and am using it at @ 4% (thanks for the heads-up about not immediately dissolving in the carrier – I’m using coconut). The rash is definitly on the run and may well save me from a visit to the Dr. Thank you!

    I asked her to follow up and let us know how the rash progressed. Three weeks later she wrote:

    So, it no longer itches, though the redness is not totally gone. All told, I applied the cade and carrot seed – and mixed in some heli – for another two weeks, 3 to 4 times per day. Progress of the healing leveled out, at the end not so dramatic as at the first, but still, it was the only thing that worked. I’m happy!

    (I would have preferred to hear that the rash was totally gone and that Cade and Heli had worked miracles. but we’ll settle for lots of improvement.)

    And Debi Rodriguez (Nurse/aromatherapist and mentor!) shared: I mixed up Cade oil with the pomegranate CO2 for someone who has psoriasis. She has tried numerous over the counter products and RX products without relief! After using it for only a couple of days, she has no more plaques!!
    Christi used Cade, Pomegranate CO2 and some other goodies in our liquid castile when one of her dogs developed a nasty rash. I’m hoping she’ll do a blog article about that.

    PLEASE be aware. The Cade oil that we offer is steam-distilled; we import it from France. I recently saw some Spanish Cade, listed as Steam Distilled, on another importers website, at a price FAR less than we paid our distiller. We ordered it, hoping for the best, and even before opening the canister we knew we had the wrong product. It had the heavy smoky aroma of Birch Tar or Choya Loban. The new arrival was obviously the dry distilled / destructively distilled product, not the steam distilled Cade we offer. ONLY the true Steam Distilled oil has the components that are useful in treating Psoriasis, and, apparently, not everyone is aware of the difference. If you are offered Cade Oil that smells VERY smoky indeed, it is NOT the steam distilled oil. There are also differences in color. The steam distilled is a pale golden oil. The dry distilled is much darker. There seems to be much confusion among vendors in the US as to what they are selling.

    Formulas, recipes, and suggestions

    Helicrysum 5% in our Arnica Massage oil:

    Last month I shared comments from two friends who had been using heli in Arnica for bursitis and for bruising from a serious fall.

    Deb Rodrigues also shared:

    My husband is using the blend that was in your newsletter for pain to his knees. He is not having the pain in 1 of his knees with this blend and the knee he will be having a partial knee replacement on. This blend is keeping his pain under a tolerable level, so he isn’t needing to take any otc medication!!

    An elderly (ie, at least five years older than me!) friend, Marty L. had a very bad fall. She resisted going for Xrays for two or three days until the pain drove her to it, only to find that she has two cracked vertebrae and several broken ribs. As soon as I heard I got some of the Heli in Arnica mixture to her. Saw her a few days later and she was just amazed at the difference. The “soft tissue” pain is totally gone, and while some of the ribs are still tender, she said it is nothing like the pain she was experiencing. From now on Heli in Arnica oil is going to be a part of my home First Aid Kit.

    SO, for those who are a bit dilution challenged:

    For ONE fl ounce of our Arnica Massage Oil. add 30 drops or 1.5 mls of our Helichrysum Traditional (undiluted.)
    For a full FOUR fl oz bottle of tha massage oil you would want to add 5 mls (or 120 drops, approximately 1 and 1/4 measuring teaspoons) of the Helichrysum.


    Confused about how many drops of essential oil to add to make a 1% or a 2.5 % dilution?

    Did you know there is a dilution and measurement chart at the beginning of our “How to use Essential Oils” page? You might want to bookmark it. Even after all these years, I will double check my math before giving a formula.

    Aromatic Quotes of the Month

    “And she was fair as is the rose in May.” — Geoffrey Chaucer

    “Do not watch the petals fall from the rose with sadness, know that, like life, things sometimes must fade, before they can bloom again.” — Unknown

    “The world’s favorite season is the spring.
    All things seem possible in May.”
    — Edwin Way Teale

    “Now every field is clothed with grass, and every tree with leaves; now the woods put forth their blossoms, and the year assumes its gay attire.”
    — Virgil

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