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  • June Special Sales and New Products
  • Ordering deadline/Closeout reminder
  • CLEARANCE- Spa Scenter Diffusers
  • Memorial Day Special Sale
  • Blog Updates and Q&A
  • Our Clients Share
  • June Aromatic Quote of the Month



Sales and new products ONLY on our new and special page. NEW– for your perfumery pleasure… from Africa – infused Coffee Blossom Oil and Infused Vanilla Bean Oil, both infused in organic Jojoba. New Caraway Seed CO2 – wonderful digestive aid and flavoring. New “Portable Perfumes” – our favorite perfume blends in a rollertop bottle, ready to tuck into pocket or purse. Seasonal Sale on SkeeterBeater and Sunburn Soother (Don’t leave home without them!.) Sale on Lavender and Witch Hazel hydrosols, and some of our favorite warm weather facial oils: Hazelnut, Macadamia and Marula oils. All of these new products and special sale pricing available ONLY on our new and special page.

New Jewelry. A new Swirled Quartz Amulet, and a whole range of new blown glass lampworked aromatherapy vessels, for wearable aromatherapy. See our Aromatherapy Jewelry page.


With springtime supposedly here, we know the warmth of summer won’t be far behind. Some of our products, most specifically the Shea Soufflé and Baby Bottom Balm will not ship in southern heat. (We don’t want you to receive Shea Soup, after all!) We will NOT be making more of either product, and have a VERY limited supply left in stock. If you want it, order immediately.


Spa Scenter Diffusers – the ultimate cool fan diffuser. See it on our Clearance Page. (NO OTHER DISCOUNT MAY APPLY.) Price was 5.00. now 2.00. Supplies very limited. We have also put the replacement cellulose pads on sale. (The diffuser comes with five pads, but you will want more.)

Memorial Day / Weekend Sale

On Memorial Day weekend we pause to remember those who have gone beyond. For those of us in the States, it also marks the unofficial start of summer, even though the calendar says we need to wait until June 21st. To celebrate both, we are offering our readers a three day special sale. From Midnight Friday night/Saturday morning until Midnight Monday Night we will be offering a discount ranging, at different times, from 8% to 12% on almost all of our ‘regular retail’ products. Kits, Fast Buys, Clearance, Special books, and bulk products are not included in the sale. To see your savings enter the promotional code “weekend” (without the quotation marks) in the box marked “promo/discount code” at checkout, and press apply. You will see the discount reflected on screen. We will not be able to apply the discount retroactively so please do not submit your order if you don’t see the discount reflected.

BLOG UPDATES and Questions:

There don’t seem to be enough hours in the day to write in the blog often, but since our last newsletter:

Last month T blogged about a recipe for a dry shampoo for her long locks and busy schedule.

This month I blogged about the new aluminum canisters we use for shipping bulk essential oils, and how to open them without losing the contents. (It takes practice!)

This week I was outraged about some dangerous uses of these powerful oils with innocent children, and wrote a blog called “Appalling advice.” No one will EVER accuse me of not speaking out.

In the past, when we receive several questions about a specific issue, we’ve written blog articles about it, so that in the future we can just refer questioners to the blog. Examples are the above blog article regarding our new Aluminum Canisters, the blog articles about Moscullum contagiosum, or about using the oils with Asthma. It occurred to me that you might have questions that would make a good blog post. If you would address you question to Marge (at), I’ll both answer it via email as time allows, and put together a blog article. Please let me know when you email how much you would like us to identify you in the Blog. We can either do “Jane from Boston” writes, or we could do “Jane Smith, founder of xxxxx company — with link, of course – writes”…

If you’ll email your question with the subject line “Blog Questions” I’ll deal with them as time allows. Thank You!!!

Our Clients Share:

POISON IVY (copied from a 10 year old newsletter…but “tis the season” and this might prove helpful.)

“My friend Danielle wrote the following:

I read your article on poison ivy on Agora. Something I tried recently is some essential oil of Citrus aurantium, leaf, Petitgrain. I had poison oak on my hand and it was starting to get to me, seriously. I grabbed the first bottle of essential oil I found, which happened to be Petitgrain. So much for enlightened therapy. Some kind of aromatherapy roulette… I applied it neat. It stopped itching immediately and never itched again. I could not feel it at all. It started oozing right away, and the day after, it was completely dry. A friend of mine tried it, same result. That was impressive. A wider guinea-pig pool would help validate this use for Petitgrain essential oil. If you ever try it, let me know if you have similar results.

Now, I would NOT recommend using Petitgrain neat, especially onbroken or disturbed skin. But perhaps a compress of cool water with a few drops of petitgrain floated on top?”

Today, I would add the Petitgrain to aloe vera gel.


Tanning Blend (NOT a Sun screen!) If you insist on risking sun damage, this blend will hasten a tan, provide antioxidant protection:
20 drops Sea buckthorn Berry CO2 for antioxidant and sun protection, Vit.A and C.
10 drops Carrot seed For vitamin A and a small amount of sun protection.
5 drops Lavender For healing.
1 oz. Jojoba OR Macadamia Nut Oil Many sources say that Jojoba has a slight SPF value, perhaps SPF 3.
For extra protection, blend the oils with a higher SPF commercial sun screen product.

Charity of the Quarter

Please remember our Charity of the quarter — AmeriCares — sending relief to the victims of the multiple disasters in Japan. (Why AmeriCares instead of the Red Cross? Because a greater %age of the donation actually goes to the victims.) You may donate through the link on our specials page.


The perfume of sandalwood, the scent of rose & jasmine,
travel only as far as the wind.
But the fragrance of goodness travels
with us through all the worlds.
Like the garlands woven from a heap of flowers,
fashion your life as a garland of beautiful deeds.

The Buddha

Have a lovely June!

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