Amazing things can happen when two or more essential oils are blended. The two (or more) parts working together result in greater healing activity than the sum of the individual parts. These “synergies” or synergistic blends are comprised of pure, undiluted, essential oils suitable for use in a diffuser or aromastick (personal inhaler).  

Synergies are often created to achieve a specific purpose or purposes, such as a study blend to help with focus or a blend designed to aid with sleep. Synergistic blends can be for physical, emotional, spiritual, or household use.

Anointing Oils are diluted versions of synergies which are safe for use on skin/pulse points, again for physical, emotional, spiritual, or household use, as well as for the bath, skin care, and natural perfumery. Our anointing oils are diluted with either Jojoba Oil or Fractionated Coconut Oil, both of which have long shelf lives, and do not detract from the aroma or purpose of the blend itself.

Please visit our Aromatherapy Blends and Products for our Synergies and Anointing Oils, which we offer in a 5 ml (1/6 oz) size.