There is not a huge body of test data about the healing effects of essential oils. Most research in substances that are antiviral, antibacterial, etc. are funded by the pharmaceutical conglomerates who have no real interest in testing products that can not be patented, that are available to the general public without a doctors prescription. Thus, although some of the effects of the oils listed on the following pages have been tested and proven in proper double blind studies, much of the information is based on anecdotal evidence, or in drawing inferences from centuries of herbal use for aromatic healing.

As with any information presented on this page, please use all proper precautions in using these powerful aromatic essences, and consult a medical practitioner when in doubt. We are in no way responsible for misuse of the information presented herein.

Suggested Remedies for Various Physical Conditions and Complaints

Antibacterial Essential Oils

Antifungal Essential Oils

Antiviral Essential Oils

Essential Oils with Effects in Skin Care

Essential Oils That Can Ease Unpleasant Emotions

Aromatic Birthing and Delivery

Aromatic Baby Care

Blending for Perfume