Just a few days remain to make your holiday preparations. Will you be hosting family and friends? Or will you travel and be a guest in someone else’s home this winter? Don’t despair, here is a great list of how to de-stress in any situation you might find yourself in this holiday season.

I encourage you to discover the blessing of hydrosols. With so many to choose from, there is one right for most situations. For stress I like Neroli hydrosol, misted above the head it falls gently over you, clearing the air and calming the mind. Lavender hydrosol misted on guest linens offers an inviting room your company will appreciate. Or choose your favorite conifer or Rosemary Australian and mist your family room to envoke thoughts of walking in the evergreen forest.

If you’re hosting guests this season, try this trick now to prepare a welcoming space for them. After washing your guest room bed linens, fold and place into a pillow case adding a paper towel or cotton ball onto which you’ve dropped a bit of chamomile or sweet marjoram. Allow this to sit for a few days (do this today and they’ll be perfect by the weekend). Before guests arrive, make the bed with freshly scented sheets. Another great tip is to offer your guests the relaxing scent of their choice and apply essential oil to a cotton ball to tuck into (or next to) their pillow before bed.

If you’re the guest in someone else’s home this season a personal inhaler can be a great tool. Pack yours with your favorite stress or sleep blend so you can relax, refresh and enjoy your visit. While you’re at it, double up and use the extra as a lovely gift for your host/hostess! Ps. Inhalers are great to keep stress at bay during last minute shopping trips, traffic jams and airport travel too!!

12 Days of Christmas Gifts

Remember, one order placed every day from December 25 through January 5th will recieve a surprise gift. Some will be oils or kits that we offer, some will be samples of oils we plan to offer. Someone will get a signed copy of my book. All sorts of surprise goodies. But you can’t be winner if you don’t place an order.

Holiday/Inventory Closing

Reminder: We are closing on Friday afternoon for the holidays, and to take inventory. We will re-open for business on January 2nd. All orders placed in the mean time will be processed when inventory is finished; either Friday 12/28 or January 2nd. (If you have a true emergency and absolutely have to have something overnighted, order it, select either Express Mail or Overnight FedEx, email us about the emergency, and we will do our best to get it to you.

From Nature’s Gift to your family Happy Holidays!

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