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Welcome Rachel!

Nature’s Gift has a new smiling voice. We are delighted to introduce Rachel, who brings excellent office skills, experience with social media that we all lack (expect exciting changes once she gets fully acclimated!) and a sunny attitude. Our Christi is going on an extended medical leave later this month, so we started a search for someone to try to fill her role at Nature’s Gift. We were delighted to find Rachel. She does not have aromatherapy training, but is eager to start on a distance course. Meanwhile, she is studying our blog, our product descriptions, and soaking up information like a thirsty little sponge. We are so excited to have found her, all of us feel she is the perfect addition to the Nature’s Gift family. Please help us welcome her, as Christi trains her on all the blue million things that she has done to keep our little craft sailing smoothly. I asked Rachel to write a blog article telling us all a little bit about herself. It’s available here.

September Sale Category—Lipids

In September, it is time to think about changing from our Summer Skincare routines to ones more appropriate for cold weather, dry inside air, perhaps put aside Summer’s light moisturizers in favor of something a bit richer.

Because of this, we are putting our entire Fixed Oils/Carrier oils category on a 10% discount. Prices are reflected in the shopping cart, no coupon needed. Shop and save on our array of Individual Carrier oils (including our rare CO2 lipids,) our Sampler Kits for various skin types, our ever-growing list of herbal and floral infused oils, our Butters, additives and enrichments and Waxes (floral wax and beeswax).

New and Back In Stock Products

Essential Oils

Benzoin, now packaged in a glass jar, a stunning new Indian Sandalwood, our Sandalwood Tamil 2018, a tiny bit of French Thyme Linalol.

Carrier Oils/Lipids


Helichrysum Hydrosol (organically produced in the US), Rose and Neroli

Redesigned and/or back in stock kits

Now that we have more Helichrysum Hydrosol, our Rosacea travel kit is available, and we have redesigned our Pure Sandalwood Sampler (adding more oils).


Back in stock: Both of Madeleine Kerkhof’s books: CO2 Extracts in Aromatherapy and Complementary Nursing in End of Life Care. We also have been able to restock a few copies of my book, Essential Oils and Aromatics. (Yes, of course I will sign it for you!)

Found in Inventory

4 ounce malibu jars, with a hanging hook (and Malibu style lid, of course!) PERFECT for the shower! Package of ten for.99 plus S&H

Blog Updates

The last time we did a blog update was early June, when we announced our series of CO2 blogs. Time has not allowed for a whole lot of writing since then, but you might be interested in:

Essential Oil Irritation?

Spilled essential oil on your skin? Ouch! This is the best and most effective way to treat it. (Hint: it does NOT involve putting a carrier oil on top.)

Rose—Rose Geranium—Geranium?

Confused? Lots of folks are. We attempted to sort it out for you here.

First Aid Kit?

From 20 years ago, suggestions for your essential oil First Aid Kit: (Hint: pre-dilute so they are ready to use, because in an emergency you do not want to have to be counting drops and blending!)

Shelf Life and Proper Storage

Which lavender?

Which lavender is most useful for a specific purpose is often determined by the chemistry. Higher in Lynalyl Acetate will probably be more relaxing. Higher in monoterpenes and monoterpenols should be more effective antibacterials. This chart will help you compare. (Yes, it would be easier if you could just scroll across the screen and compare line by line. The blog formatting would not allow that. Sorry!)

Aromatic Salves?

Tina Sams, editor of The Essential Herbal Magazine shows us how to use all our exotic fixed oils to make healing balms for dry skin, baby’s bottom, pain relief, respiratory relief (the traditional “chest rub”), lip balm… you choose.

Facebook Gleanings

Facebook is for fun, and keeping up with friends and distant family, but we try to share new information with our Facebook friends as we find it. Examples:

  • A free for download Mini Magazine from The Essential Herbal Magazine
  • We discovered a years-old blog by “The Prevailing Parent”… Which is their favorite essential oil company, and why? (I loved following the steps she took.)
  • Beyond the Essential Oil Recipe Summit ” We are so tired of “EO Summits” put together by folks with no training in safety, making wild claims and doing damage. Finally, a summit whose participants are mentors and friends, experts in the field that I respect immensely. Elizabeth Ashley (you’ve seen me rave about her Ebooks!) has been interviewing so many of my teachers, mentors, and peers. (and me, too!) The summit will stream in late November. It’s my understanding that you can hear any interview once, the day it streams, at no cost, or you can subscribe and have long term access to them all. I was honored to be asked to participate, and still do not believe some of the intensely personal information Liz pried out of me More info as the dates approach.
  • The N.Y. Institute of Aromatic Studies shared a wonderful blog about Monarda Essential Oil. (Yes, of course we offer it!)
  • A reminder. I am a member of Quora.com, a community where people ask questions, and folks (knowledgeable or not!) answer them. I frequently copy the Q&A to our Facebook page, or send them out on Twitter if the might be of general interest, so if you are on there, I’d love to have you follow me.
  • Tisserand Institute published an article about the use of the various oils of the Bitter Orange Tree to relieve anxiety. (Something I’ve been telling you for 20 years.)
  • The Aromapologist blogs about the use of essential oils in the classroom.
  • Black Cumin Oil topical relief for pain in osteoarthritis.
  • Our friend Nyssa Hanger shared a “ Get up and Move ” stimulating blend published in Massage Today.

Book Review

In searching our old newsletters for a September “Quote of the Month” I found this review of my (then brand newly-published) book:

“Founder of Nature’s Gift ( naturesgift.com, reviewed in Massage Therapy Journal Summer 2007), Marge Clark describes in this beautifully illustrated little book how to use essential oils for easing pain, combating infections and nurturing emotions. She discusses how to discern high-quality oils, as well as how to store your essential oils safely based on their “notes.” She provides detailed descriptions of some of the most useful oils, including safety warnings. She also offers a valuable list of carrier oils, and discusses how undiluted essential oils are powerful enough to sensitize and irritate the skin, causing dermal inflammation and allergic reactions. Topical applications using diluted essential oils, such as baths, compresses and massage are described. Undiluted oils, she says, can be used in diffusers and nebulizers, when inhalation is appropriate. Convenient charts showing uses and effects of essential oils are included, along with amounts for full body and localized massage sessions, and recipes and blends for skin care, emotional well-being and clearing the air. This beautiful little book is a substantive contribution to the instructional literature on aromatherapy.”

“a substantive contribution”… oh WOW! I absolutely love it.” (Loved it then, and still do!)

Aromatic Quotes of the Month (from Sept. 2008):

“The foliage has been losing its freshness through the month of August, and here and there a yellow leaf shows itself like the first gray hair amidst the locks of a beauty who has seen one season too many.”
Oliver Wendell Holmes

(and a new one!)
“Ah, September! You are the doorway to the season that awakens my soul… but I must confess that I love you only because you are a prelude to my beloved October.”
Peggy Toney Horton

The scent of citrus and of brittle pine
Suffused the island. Inside, she was singing
And weaving with a shuttle made of gold.
Her voice was beautiful. Around the cave
A luscious forest flourished: alder, poplar,
And scented cypress.
Emily Wilson (translation of The Odyssey)

Enjoy this month of transition, as we bid farewell to Summer and welcome Autumn.

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