Labor Day… September. Is Summer over?

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  • NEW PRODUCTS & New Arrivals

    ROSES! Back in, the new production of Rosa Alba CO2 and an amazing CO2 extraction of our favorite organic Bulgarian Rosa Damascena. We have reformulated all of our Rose 10% dilutions to a 5% dilution because we consider that aromatically preferable. In other words, even at 10% true rose can be overwhelming. We are unanimous in preferring the 5% topical application. I find I may apply a bit more often, but I love it even more.

    With the Bulgarian roses came a huge vat of fresh 2016 organically produced Lavender Essential Oil. We have temporarily lowered the price while awaiting the GC/MS analysis.

    NEW Batch Citrus Oils: We have always considered our organic cold-pressed citrus oils among our finest offerings. This year’s organically produced Sweet Orange and Lemon have arrived.

    NEW Skincare Fixed Oil: SANDALWOOD SEED CO2 Extract, a uniquely anti-inflammatory skin care oil. Read more about it here.

    September SAVINGS

    For the entire month of September save 10% off our entire Physical Wellbeing and Emotional Wellbeing categories. Focus, DeStress, That’s Better…LOTS of goodies to help you start the school year off in physical and mental balance.

    We are continuing our clearance on selected Hydrosols. NOTHING is as refreshing as an icy cold hydrosol spritz. We are putting last year’s stocks on clearance. Because of proper storage they are still fresh and pristine. We want to clear the way for new stocks. Save 50% on retail sizes of Holy Basil, Monarda (Beebalm), and Lemon Tea Tree hydrosols. (Some supplies very limited!)

    LABOR DAY WEEKEND SALE: For the entire Labor Day weekend, from midnight Friday night / Saturday morning through Monday midnight use the discount code Labor and receive 10% off EVERYTHING except books and bulk oils. This includes all retail sized products INCLUDING our special kits, which are almost never discounted. OR, wait until Monday, use the code Rest and receive 15% off all retail-sized essential oils.

    On the Road Again

    In September I will be preparing for the month of October, which may well be overwhelming. In September we will be staying home, but our oils will be presented at the Conference of the Japanese Clinical Aromatherapist Association, on September 19th. We have been supplying the oils for the Professional and Clinical Aromatherapy courses offered by the International Holistic School, in Kobe. We are honored to have our oils selected for their professional students.

    Early in October my teacher Kathy Duffy will be teaching the 12 hour Aromatherapy in Hospitals course at Nashville’s Baptist Hospital. I’m privileged to be allowed to audit the course, since they will be introducing Nature’s Gift’s oils. Later in the month I will be attending Mark Webb’s two day intensive “Introductions to CO2 Extracts” in Boulder Colorado, and the following weekend will be attending the NAHA conference in Salt Lake City. Nature’s Gift will be having a vendor table there, offering Madeleine Kerkhof-Knapp Hayes’ book, and the oils she will be presenting, as well as most of the Australian oils that Mark Webb will be presenting. Busy month. If you are going to be at either location, please come say “Hi!”


    We were busy writing in August,

    Quote for the Month for September

    From a newlsetter in 2005:

    “At the gate of the garden some stand and look within, but do not care to enter.
    Others step inside, behold its beauty, but do not penetrate far.
    Still others encircle this garden inhaling the fragrance of the flowers,
    having enjoyed its full beauty, pass out again by the same gate.
    But there are always some who enter and,
    becoming intoxicated with the splendor of what they behold,
    remain for life to tend the garden.”

    Attributed to ‘Abdu’l-Baha

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