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Balancing Body, Mind, and Spirit with Pure Essential Oils
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After the Bite
  • Ease sting and itch of “bug bites.”
  • Safe for 2 and over.
  • Helpful for "itchies"
  1 fl oz, $19.99
10 ml Roll-On, $12.99

Aroma 2 Go USB Port Diffusers
Ideal for your office or workroom...or anywhere you take your laptop.
  Aroma 2 Go, White, w/Refill Pack, $31.99
Aroma 2 Go, Black, $28.99
Aroma 2 Go, Refill Pack, $6.99
Aroma 2 Go, White, $27.99

AromaPod Set of Three
Set of 3 passive diffusers for closet, car, linen closet. Hang or stick to wall.

Best Baby Gift
Ordered separately would cost $82.00. Let us package them for you and save 15%.

Bouquet of Roses Sampler
All of our roses, diluted for immediate skin safe use: 2 mls each, 5% dilution. SAVE over 20%

Car Scenter
Dashboard diffuser plugs into a cigarette lighter or cellphone charger.

Car Scenter / Scent Ball /AromaPod Replacement Pads
Package of 10 replacement scent pads.

Cleopatra’s Secret Radiance
  • Rich rose scented face and body creme
  • Airless Pump bottle to prevent waste
  • Anti-aging, pampering
  • Skin softener
  • 150 mls - five fluid ounces, or one ounce purse size
  5 fl oz, $38.89
1 fl oz Purse Size, $8.00

D I Y Bath Salt Kit
Wonderful gift and another Nature's Gift Exclusive
    7 small vials of essential oils
    Epson Salt for two baths
    7 bags of Denditic salts for blending
    2 ml bottles and mini pipettes for Scent Blending.
    Creative instruction brochure
    And one of our PET plastic bail jars, for future use.

Essential Oil Basics
Pocket sized guide densely packed with information for the beginner or the experienced user. We will be including this in our Complete Beginner Kit.

Essential Oil Bottle Key (Bottle Opener)
Handy gadget to help remove orifice reducers, pop the roller ball assembly out of a roller bottle, remove a sample vial cap, and re-apply all of the above.
  Single, $4.99
Three Pack, $9.99

Frankincense Infusion Sampler
5 ml bottles of each of our Frankincense infused oils.

Frankincense Sampler
2 ml bottles of each of our Frankincense Essential Oils. A total of 7 at this time..

Gift Certificate
They come in any denomination, and they make great gifts!

Gift Wrapping
For an extra $5.00 we will gift wrap for you.

Happy Baby Gift Set
  • Our Happy Baby Wash and Massage Oil, Baby Bottom Balm, and a washcloth in a pretty zippered kit.
  • Safe for newborns
  • The baby gift we give our friends
  • Happy Babies
  Happy Baby Shower Gift / Travel Set, $30.99

KleenHandz Gel
  • Gentle Aloe gel with tea tree and lavender
  • Ravintsara for antiviral effects
  • Safe for age six and up
  Purse-Sized (1 oz), $6.99
4 fl oz, $21.99

Lavender Silk Lotion
  • Calming Lavender added to our light, rich Silken Skin Lotion.
  • Designed for a hospice.
  • Emotionally calming
  • Skin-soothing
  • Age six and up

Lavender Species Sampler
5 ml bottles of each of our varieties of Lavender and Lavandin.

Melissa Hydrosol
Melissa officinalis, organically produced, USA. Also known as Lemon Balm
  1 fl oz Sample, $7.00
4 fl oz, $26.00

Metal Ox 2021 Body Oil
  • Unisex
  • You deserve to feel handsome
  • 2 fl oz After Shower nurturing body oil

MOMS, Charity of the Quarter
Nature’s Gift is now matching donations to MOMS, because of the success of our matching donations for Nepalese relief.
  MOMS, $1.00
MOMS, $10.00
MOMS, $5.00

Monarda (Lavender Bee Balm or Wild Bergamot) Hydrosol
Monarda fistulosa, Organically grown and distilled in the Pacific NorthWest.
  1 fl oz Sample, $6.00
4 fl oz, $22.00

Myrrh Hydrosol
Commiphora myrrha, wildcrafted in Somalia, resin distilled in the US.

Nature's Gift Beard Oils
Set of three 15 ml bottles with eye droppers.
  • Night Owl
  • Bear Hug
  • Sly Fox
  • The perfect gift for the Beardy in your life.

Neroli Hydrosol (Orange Blossom Water)
Citrus aurantium, organically produced, steam distilled blossoms, Morocco.
  1 fl oz Sample, $5.00
4 fl oz, $18.00

Owyhee Hydrosol
Artemisia ludoviciana type latiloba CT Esters, organically grown and distilled in the USA.

Peppermint Headache Relief Roll-On
Designed for headache relief

Peppermint Hydrosol
Mentha x piperita, organically produced, USA
  1 fl oz Sample, $6.00
4 fl oz, $22.00

Piñon Pine Hydrosol
Ethically wildcrafted in the Rockies, distilled by an organic Artisan Distiller..

Rosalina Hydrosol
Melaleuca ericifolia. Limited supply.
  1 fl oz Sample, $5.00
4 fl oz , $18.00

Rose Hydrosol
Rosa damascena, organically produced, hydrodistilled, Morocco.
  1 fl oz sample, $5.00
4 fl oz, $18.00

Rosemary Australia Hydrosol
Rosmarinus officinalis var Herb Cottage, organically grown by an artisan distiller in Australia.
  1 fl oz Sample, $8.00

Sage Hydrosol
Salvia officinalis Organically produced, France
  1 fl oz Sample, $4.50
4 fl oz, $16.00

Sage, White, Hydrosol
Salvia apiana, organically grown and distilled, USA.
  1 fl oz Sample, $6.00
4 fl oz, $22.00

Sandalwood Sampler, Ready-to-Wear
5 ml bottles of each of our Sandalwood Oils in a skin safe 10% dilution.

Silken Skin Lotion
  • A light moisturizing lotion to leave your skin feeling silky and soft.
  • Unscented; add your chosen blend or essential oil
  • Safe for all ages
  4 fl oz, $17.00
1 fl oz, $6.00

  • Soothing blend designed to relieve sinus pain and congestion
  • Best used by direct inhalation
  • Ages 10 through Adult
  Inhaler, $9.99
Roller Bottle, 10 ml, $12.99
Synergy, 5 ml, $14.99

SkeeterBeater Gel
  • Our famous Skeeter Beater in cooling aloe vera gel.
  • Ages 10 and up
  • On Safari, we are told it repels tsetse flies
  • Avoid during pregnancy or lactation
  SkeeterBeater Gel, 4 fl oz, $21.99
SkeeterBeater Gel, 10 ml Roll-on, $7.99

Spearmint, Hydrosol
Mentha spicata, organically produced in the US by an artisan distiller.
  1 fl ozl Sample, $6.00
4 fl oz, $22.00

Sweet Orange Hydrosol
Distilled from organically grown Sweet Oranges (citrus sinensis) • uplifting • children love it! • relaxing, helps with sleep issues • digestive

Tea Candles
One box of 10, to use with the Aroma Lamps we offer.

Tea Tree Hydrosol
Melaleuca alternifolia, organically produced, Australia.
  1 fl oz Sample, $5.00
4 fl oz, $18.00

That’s Better!
  • Our Arnica Infused Oil with Helichrysum italicuum and Kunzea added for pain relief.
  • Now available in a convenient roll-on for pain relief when and where you need it.
  • Great pain reliever for bumps, bruises,injuries
  • Ages 6 and older
  1 fl oz, $44.00
15 ml dropper, $26.00
10 ml, Roll-on, $18.99

Thyme, Lemon Hydrosol
Thymus x citriodorus, organically grown and produced in the USA.
  1 fl oz Sample, $5.75
4 fl oz, $21.00

Turmeric Hydrosol
Curcuma longa , organically produced from rhizomes in the US.

Vacation Saver Kit
For the traveler: three of our products packaged together to keep them feeling well.

Winter Repair Cream
  • To soften and heal winter damaged skin.
  • Our richest cream, for dry or chapped skin
  • All ages
  1 fl oz, $11.00
4 fl oz, $33.00

Witch Hazel Hydrosol, Organically produced
Hammemelis virginiana, organically, farmed and distilled in France

Yarrow Hydrosol
Achillea millefolium, Organically grown and distilled in the Northwestern US.
  1 fl oz Sample, $6.00
4 fl oz, $22.00

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