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Balancing Body, Mind, and Spirit with Pure Essential Oils
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Aroma 2 Go USB Port Diffusers
Ideal for your office or workroom...or anywhere you take your laptop.
  Aroma 2 Go, White, w/Refill Pack, $31.99
Aroma 2 Go, Black, $28.99
Aroma 2 Go, Refill Pack, $6.99
Aroma 2 Go, White, $27.99

AromaPod Set of Three
Set of 3 passive diffusers for closet, car, linen closet. Hang or stick to wall.

AromaSens Diffuser, White
Simplest ultrasonic diffuser. CLOSEOUT Save 25%
  AromaSens Diffuser, White, $44.25

Aromatherapy Inhalation Patches
When an inhaler is not appropriate—apply a drop or two of essential oil or blend and apply to skin.

Atomizer Tops, Set of 4
These fit our one and four ounce PET plastic bottles.
  Set of 4, $4.29

Bottle Sealing Tape
The same tape we use to seal our essential oil bottles.
  One Roll of Tape, $3.89
Three Rolls of Tape, $9.89

Bottles, Glass, Amber or Cobalt
The same bottles we use for our essential oils and synergies.
  Cobalt, 15ml, Single, $2.29
Cobalt, 5ml, Single, $2.19
Cobalt, 15ml, Set of 12, $21.99
Cobalt, 5ml, Set of 12, $21.99
Amber, 2 ml, Set of 12, $10.99
Amber, 2ml, Set of 3, $3.29

Bottles, Malibu, 4 oz
Four ounce malibu bottles for gels, creams, etc.
  Single, $1.69
Pack of 3, $4.39

Bottles, PET Plastic, Boston Round w/Lotion Pump, Cobalt
There is no more convenient dispenser for liquid soaps, lotions, etc.
  Single, $2.99
TWELVE for the price of TEN, $29.59

Bottles, PET Plastic, Cobalt or Clear
For your own massage or toiletries blends.
  Cobalt, 4 oz, w/Atomizer, Single, $3.39
Cobalt, 1 oz, w/Atomizer, Set of 3, $4.99
Cobalt, 1 oz, w/Treatment Pump, Set of 3, $4.39
Cobalt, 4 oz, w/ Disc Lids, Set of 12, $24.19
Cobalt, 4 oz, w/Treatment Pump, Single, $3.39
Clear, 1 oz, w/Disc Lid, Set of 12, $10.99
Clear, 1 oz, w/Disc Lid, Set of 3, $3.39

Car Scenter / Scent Ball /AromaPod Replacement Pads
Package of 10 replacement scent pads.

Essential Oil Bottle Key (Bottle Opener)
Handy gadget to help remove orifice reducers, pop the roller ball assembly out of a roller bottle, remove a sample vial cap, and re-apply all of the above.
  Single, $4.99
Three Pack, $9.99

Eyedroppers, Glass, Set of 3
Traditional glass eyedroppers, for measuring by the drop.

Happy Dreams Aroma Patch
Ready to use inhalation patch with our Happy Dreams blend
  Single, $3.99
Package of 100, $325.00
Package of 25, $85.99

Inhaler Blanks
Sometimes called “aromasticks.” NOW available in colors!
  Single, White, $1.99
Baker's Dozen (13 for the price of 12), Black, $21.99
Baker's Dozen (13 for the price of 12), Lavender, $21.99
Baker's Dozen (13 for the price of 12), White, $21.99
Single, Black, $1.99
Single, Lavender, $1.99

Inhaler, Deluxe Personal
Small inhaler for purse or pocket.
  Black, $10.99
Three-pack, $25.00
Light Silver, $10.99
Pewter Blue, $10.99

Inhaler, Deluxe Pocket, Refillable
Refillable small inhaler for pocket or purse.
  Red, $12.99
Three-pack, $25.00
Aqua Blue, $12.99
Cobalt, $12.99
Lavender, $12.99
Magenta, $12.99

Jars, White PET Plastic
For your own balms and salves.
  1 oz PET Jar, Single, $1.99
1 oz PET Jar, Six, $9.49
4 oz PET Jar, Single, $2.49
4 oz PET Jar, Six, $10.99

Lip Balm Pots
For your lip balms or salves, a tiny 1/8 oz (5 ml) clear plastic jar.
  Set of 4, $4.49
Set of 13 (for the price of 12), $12.99

Lotion Pumps, Set of 4
Pump only (bottle not included), 20/410 precut.
  Set of 4, $4.49

Nature’s Gift Scent Strips, Pkg of 100
Professional perfumers testing strips, for aromatic evaluation of oil samples and blends.

Oxygen Barrier
For bulk purchases. To protect your precious oils from oxidation.
  Oxygen Barrier, $8.99

PET Bail Jars
For scrubs, salts, balms, etc. 16+ ounce by volume.
  Set of 9, $61.99
Single, $7.29

Pipettes, Disposable
These are the same pipettes we use in the blending room, available in two sizes.
  Standard, Pkg of 100, $10.99
Standard, Pkg of 12, $1.99
Standard, Pkg of 50, $5.99
Standard, Pkg of 500, $52.99
Tiny, Pkg of 100, $21.99
Tiny, Pkg of 12, $2.99

Roll-On (Roller Ball) Bottles, Frosted
Holds 10 ml.
  Single, $3.49
Set of 12, $32.99

Sample Vials
Sample bottles for essential oils and blends.
  Pkg of 100, $20.99
Pkg of 13, $3.99
Pkg of 50, $12.99

Spa Bags, Small and Large
The vinyl spa bags that we use for packaging some of our travel sets. (Contents not included!)

Tea Candles
One box of 10, to use with the Aroma Lamps we offer.

Treatment Pumps, Set of 4
Will fit our four ounce and one ounce plastic bottles.

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