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  Yarrow Italian
Achillea millefolium, organically produced, steam-distilled flowers, Northern Italy Amazing light blue color, unlike most yarrows.
- circulatory stimulant
- may ease cramps, menstrual problems and constipation
- energetic and spiritual uses
- affinity for blood and cleansing


Note:  We are unable to offer free samples of this oil due to limited quantity.  Should you like to sample it, 1/2 ml samples are available for sale on the drop-down list.  Thank you for understanding.

Had I sampled this oil "blind" I would never have guessed it was a Yarrow.  In my experience, most Yarrow is deep cobalt/indigo blue and past astringency, verging on bitterness.  This stunning specimen is a clear light aquamarine, proving once again that the Yarrow plant has more chemotypes than the botanists can keep up with. I wish we sold our oils in clear glass so you could see it. However the distiller says it is a "clear" oil and I suspect that in a very brief time it will fade either to clear or to a very pale gold.  We are showing both a beaker, and a bit in a pipette so you can see the freshly distilled color.

Aromatically it does have a touch of Yarrow's astringency, but there is also a honeyed note, a touch of sweetness. 

Please note that this Yarrow chemotype does not contain any measurable amount of Chamazulene so I would not expect it to have the anti-inflammatory effects that we find in more traditional specimens.

Yarrow is said to be a circulatory stimulant, and may ease cramps, menstrual problems, and constipation. I think, because of it's good content of sesquiterpines that this specimen may have that effect. 

I am thinking that this pale Italian Yarrow might excel in energetic and spiritual uses of the oil.  (Especially for those, like me, who are often repelled by the perceived bitterness of some samples.)  Cathy Brewer and Florian Birkmayer teach that Yarrow has an affinity for blood and for cleansing. (Hence its use with menstrual difficulties, and the herb's ancient history as a styptic, to stop bleeding.)  They teach that Yarrow is a protective plant and can help with issues of boundaries. They use it intensively in the various programs that they offer through their school AromaGnosis.

Please note, The Yarrow essential oil that they use in their class is a deep cobalt oil, that is, to my nose, much more bitter than this lovely specimen.  My instinct says that the  physical effectis of this yarrow may be different, but its sweetness will make the spiritual/emotional/energetic effects more approachable. For me, personally, it is hard to 'surrender myself' to an oil that I dislike. 

This is an extremely rare oil.  The distiller only produced 150 mls. We bought it all.  I do not plan to have it further analyzed to find the finest points of 'what makes it different' although I am dearly tempted.   But when there is so little of an oil, sending more off for further testing does not make sense to me. 

Batch #IT-58740

WARNING: To be avoided by those with “weed dermatitis.” Avoid in pregnancy, with babies or small children.

SHELF LIFE: Approximately 2 to 3 years after you open the bottle.  Storing in the dark, refrigerated, and decanting half full bottles into smaller, full bottles will extend shelf life.

**For other possible oils to avoid, please see our essential oil Contraindications page.

Watch owner Marge Clark's interview with Marco Valussi at the 2018 NAHA Conference here


Customer Reviews

  • 5 Compelling

    Posted by Anjali from New Jersey on 12/22/2018 Verified Purchase

    Hello! I wanted to congratulate you on sourcing such a peerless oil as this Italian Yarrow. I ordered the 1/2 ml at the end of October and life got hectic so I didn’t open it till last night.

    It is compelling. With every whiff I breathed in, it cleared my head and straightened up my posture. A very revitalizing oil, I’m sure it would’ve kept me up all night if I had sniffed it some more. But I slept well, woke up energized and enjoyed a lovely drive this morning.

    (Our comment...when a perfumer gives a rave review, it means a lot!)

    There’s a great balance in this oil. It’s a bit haylike, a bit sweet you can tell that it has 1,8 cineole (Eucalptol on the GCMS) by the way it wakes you up, though not as much from the scent profile. As someone who lives by her nose, chooses oils for their scent quality, this would not be my first choice at first whiff. Luckily, it compels the second and third whiff and then you fall madly in love / respect with it.

    It’s truly an amazing oil and it’s making me want to know more about Yarrow. And I’ve bought more.

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