Whole Health For Happy Cats by Sandy Arora


A guide to keeping your cat naturally happy and healthy.

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A client mentioned this book, said that she found us through a mention, and because I always buy a copy of any book that mentions Nature’s Gift as a source, I ordered it from Amazon, even though there are no longer any cats in my household.

Now, you must remember, I have always been a dog person, always had dogs in my family, and was never a cat lover. Until, during a time of great change in my life, a wee black kitten, too young to be away from her Momma, showed up on our patio. My daughter took her in and shortly thereafter, delivered her to my apartment. Jezebel shared my life from 1989 until 2005. I wish, when we brought her home, we had a copy of this wonderful book. Remember, I’m used to raising dogs… a bowl of dry food, lots of fresh water, toys to chase, and they were happy. I thought “add a litter box to that” and that was all she needed.

Years after she left us I found this wonderful little book, and learned all the other things that would have made her life better. My *first* reason for reading the book was to make very sure that the author didn’t recommend using essential oils with your feline family, since cats can not metabolize them. Safety check over. She gives good advice.

What she does suggest are nutritional guidelines, ranging from a totally raw diet (best for your cat, but not everyone has time) all the way to commercial cat foods, along with natural herbal supplements which can increase your cat’s well being.

Two chapters cover both home care for minor ailments and the times that you must get your baby to the vet as quickly as possible. That chapter also gives some hints on finding a veterinarian who will be at least amenable to holistic animal care, and guidelines about vaccinations, spaying/neutering, what tests are necessary. The final chapter includes a guide to help you understand cat behaviour. Among the suggestions for helping cope with mood swings and behaviour triggered by emotional problems are a list of hydrosols for different emotional states! (YES!)

The book closes with a long list of resources. We are honored to be included.


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