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  Vanilla, Bourbon, CO2, 10% Dilution (no ratings yet)
Vanilla planifolia, beans from Madagascar, CO2 extracted in Germany.


Limited availability of our conventional Vanilla CO2 extract in a 10% dilution in Fractionated Coconut Oil for ease of use. Once it is gone, we will begin offering the Organic 10%.

Because this CO2 extract of the familiar vanilla bean contains over 12% vanillin it is far richer, sweeter, and more aromatic than any other form of vanilla I have experienced. Sensual, warm and aphrodisiac, this CO2 extraction contains no solvent residues (found in the more familiar Vanilla Absolute).

Emotionally, Vanilla Oil is warming and welcoming, an ideal destressor. It is said to ease stress, anger, and frustration…giving a feel of comfort, perhaps because it recalls warm childhood memories?

Physically, it is said to induce menstruation. I have friends who use it, diluted in honey, in herbal tea to ease menstrual problems. For this reason I would avoid it in the early stages of pregnancy.

Add a drop or two to your favorite carrier oil for a romantic massage base. A dilution in either oil or alcohol will sweeten and smooth any aromatic perfume blend.

Its comforting sweet aroma softens any blend…wonderful with citrus oils, softens the coniferous oils…add a drop to your holiday scents!

Add a drop to a jar of honey for aromatic sweetening for tea or coffee, or add a single drop to your sugar bowl for vanilla sugar. I've added a drop or three to a pound of ground coffee…wonderful. This CO2 Vanilla is safe as a flavoring for internal use…try flavoring your favorite lip balm recipe with a drop.

This exquisite aromatic is VERY intense and requires use in extremely low dilutions for its sweetness to be apparent. Please note that undiluted Vanilla CO2 is thick. It most likely will not come out of the orifice reducer in the bottle. It may be necessary to remove the orifice reducer and pour or pipette the oil out. You might prefer our pure and undiluted version.

Certificate of Analysis:
Batch No. GE-541005
Batch No. GE-551114
Batch No. GE-361429
Batch No. GE-081116


BLENDS WITH: Bergamot, Grapefruit, Lemon, Mandarine, Orange, Sandalwood, Tangerine, Vetiver. Wonderful with Rose, with most florals, with any of the sweeter Citrus Oils. Adds a smoothness to any blend.

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