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  Vanilla Bean Infused Oil (no ratings yet)
  • Organically grown Madagascar vanilla beans, split and infused in organically produced Jojoba Oil.
  • Now also available in a portable roller ball bottle for perfume on the go.
  • Perfect alone or as a base for other perfumes
  • Safe for 6 and over


Organic Madagascar Vanilla Beans, carefully infused in Organic Jojoba Oil. Rich, sensuous, elegant, YUMMY…everything you dream of in a vanilla fragrance. Ideal alone, or as a carrier for other aromatics. A wonderful sweet perfume base. Try adding Neroli, or Rose, or Citrus Oils, or…is there anything that won't be beautiful with vanilla?

Please note...this oil is not an infusion of the oleoresin, but of the true natural organic Vanilla Beans, fresh and full of aroma.  We don't know when we will be able to replace this when it is gone.  Our source no longer has the beans.  I am told there is no more organic Vanilla being grown in Madagascar.

Packaged in cobalt glass to protect the delicate aroma. Rich, sweet and sensual, ready to wear alone or use as a base for your favorite perfumery oils and absolutes.

*Because of the nature of infused oils, traces of the original plant material may settle out of solution. Please shake or rotate gently before using, to reblend.

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