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  Tuberose Wax (no ratings yet)
Our most exotic floral wax.


Floral waxes are nature's most solid aromatics. Blends well with any of the other florals in our collection, with a touch of vanilla, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Violet Leaf to bring a touch of green. We offer two sizes (net weight) 1 oz (29 grams) and 3.5 oz (100 grams). The Tuberose Wax is a bit softer, so instead of our usual ziplock bag packaging, we have poured it into one and four ounce jars.

About Floral Waxes

If you've read our How Essential Oils Are Made page, then you know that the first stage in producing the rare and lovely absolutes is a Concrete…a solid (or semisolid) mass containing all the plant waxes and all the aromatic chemicals. The Absolutes are later removed from the Concrete by washing with alcohol, leaving behind the solid and mildly fragrant aromatic waxes.

How to use them?

For solid single-note perfumes: Melt in a pyrex cup, add a bit of warmed oil (to reach the degree of softness that suits you), Pour into a lip balm jar and there you have it. For more intensity add a drop or two of the absolute or a complimentary essential oil.

Add to creams and lotions: melt and add to the oil phase of a cream or lotion. The floral wax will add a bit of thickness and body, as well as its exotic scent.

Add to cold process soap, for a true, natural rose, jasmine or other exotic. In my experience, even though added at the low rate we add natural fragrances to soap, the addition of the waxes tends to yield a slightly harder bar. The deeply colored waxes will also add a hint of color to your soap base. During my soap making days I fragranced our soaps with our precious absolutes and rare essential oils but often added some of the floral wax to compliment and further strengthen the scent.

Measuring tip: If you need just a few grams for a recipe, pop the block of wax out of its jar, and shave off a few curls with a potato peeler, add to your warming carrier oils.

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