Tobacco Absolute


Nicotiana tabacum, solvent-extracted leaves, Bulgaria. Contains no nicotine.

  • perfect for masculine blends
  • adds depth and intrigue to exotic florals
  • reminiscent of an old English tweedy jacket

Product Information

For the perfumers among us…

Looking for “just the right note” for a masculine blend?

Or looking for something to add some depth and intrigue to the most exotic florals…Jasmine, Tuberose, Ylangylang? Something to balance their intense femininity?

Reminiscent of English gentlemen in their Club, sipping brandy in quiet companionship…

My son says it reminds him of very expensive cigars. I am reminded of an old, well-worn tweed jacket, perhaps a bit frayed around the cuffs…one your grandfather would have worn while taking you for autumn walks.

A secret note of the finest perfumers…now yours to try. Only a drop or two needed…. at most, one part in ten…wonderful with Lavender …try it with one of the rosy-scented EO’s… Palma Rosa or Rose Geranium …or with a soft, gentle Clary Sage ….

Experiment! This one needs playing with…and the blends will want time to mature. But aaaaahhhhh, it’s gorgeous.

We offer it both undiluted, and in a 10% Dilution in Fractionated Coconut Oil for your convenience.







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