Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil CO2


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Hippophae rhamnoides, organically grown dried seeds, CO2 extracted in Germany.

– true fixed oil

– anti-aging

– recommended in sunscreen and after-sun products

– protects healthy skin, regenerates and heals... Read More


Unlike our Sea Buckthorn Berry Pulp extract, this seed oil extract is a true fixed oil. Much thinner and easier to work with than the thick pulp extract, it is also much lighter in color, a clear orange-yellow rather than the thick, deep orange of the pulp expert.

Seabuckthorn Seed Oil is high in linoleic acid and one of the highest oils in alpha linoleic acid.

CO2 extracted Sea Buckthorn Seed oil also contains very rare bioacive phytosterols. Phytosterols are essential components of the skin, responsible for structure formation. They are precursors of hormones with a number of positive effects on skin e.g. improvement of membrane stability, prevention of dehydration and supporting the skin physiology. Additionally phytosterols stimulate collagen synthesis. Phytosterols are therefore ideal anti-aging components helping the skin revitalize.

Sea Buckthorn Oil, both seed and pulp, is recommended in sunscreen and after-sun products, because of its pain and stress relieving effects on the skin. Both products support the epithelization and the regeneration of the skin tissue and therefore heals sunburn quickly. [NOTE: Epithelialization is the formation of granulation tissue in an open wound which allows epithelial cells to migrate across the new tissue to form a barrier between the wound and the environment, thus speeding skin healing.]

Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil protects healthy skin, regenerates and heals damaged skin. Healing injured skin and supporting and soothing sensitive skin.

Sea Buckthorn oil contains a high concentration of palmitoleic acid and unsaponifiable components like phytosterols, tocopherols and carotenoids. Palmitoleic acid, rarely found in the plant kingdom, is a natural component of human skin and plays an important role in skin physiology.

Tocopherols with their antioxidative efficacy may reduce UV-induced skin damage when topically applied. The formation of UV-induced toxic peroxides on skin tissue is strongly suppressed by tocopherols. Skin membrane is supported, inflammation is reduced, and wound healing is accelerated.

Certificate of Analysis:
Batch No. GE-161103
Batch No. GE-861301
Batch No. GE-371003
Batch No. GE-81117
Batch No. GE-58934


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