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  Sandalwood Nut (Seed) Oil CO2 Extract
Santalum spicatum, extracted from organically grown seeds, Australia. Also known as Sandalwood Nut Oil. New Arrival
- rich in ximenynic acid - a unique anti-inflammatory
- dry or aging skin, skin elasticity
- joint pain and inflammation


Sandalwood Seed Oil (Sandalwood Nut Oil) is a rich source of a rare oil component, ximenynic acid, which is a uniquely anti-inflammatory agent. Sandalwood Seed oil combines the anti-inflammatory properties of ximenynic acid with the nourishing emollient properties of oleic acid.

Some sources indicate that Sandalwood Seed oil is an effective treatment for both dry skin and aging skin since it both increases moisture levels and can improve protection against fine lines and wrinkles, while also stimulating blood circulation. It is said to improve skin elasticity and have an astringent effect, causing skin to look a bit tighter.

There are those who recommend adding Sandalwood Seed oil to blends for joint pain and inflammation.

We recommend adding from 5 to 10% to your favorite cream or lotion, to improve skin tone.

Our producer says, “The rare triple bond fatty acid, ximenynic acid, sets this oil apart from standard carrier oils. Ximenynic acid has been found to have a significant impact on the skin aging process as it increases microcirculation, reduces enlarged pores and distension and discoloration of the skin and firms the skin. Ximenynic acid has also been found to reduce the appearance of cellulitis, skin oiliness and hair loss.”

Research results:

Wisper Forestry Services of Australia studied a group of volunteers over a period of 90 days, all of whom were using products containing Sandalwood Nut Oil as the active ingredient. Study participants used Sandalwood Nut Oil on their skin 1–2 times per day for the duration of the study.

  • 80% reported an increase in moisture and suppleness
  • 72% of participants reported a decrease in fine lines and wrinkles
  • 75% noticed firmer, tighter skin around their neck
  • 65% reported less flakiness and dryness
  • 60% saw reduced lines and puffiness around the eyes

This golden carrier oil is very quickly absorbed by the skin and has a very very faint nutty odor. Please don’t expect it to smell like Sandalwood Essential Oil, it is from the SEED, not the wood.

Certificate of Analysis:
Batch No: AU-10697
Batch No: AU-58798

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Customer Reviews

  • 5 My hands down favorite skin oil

    Posted by Shannon from Utah on 05/22/2018 Verified Purchase

    I have maturing, dry skin and I use this for my regular moisturizer. I absolutely love it. It has done my face more good than any other moisturizer has. It has a very light scent, so it doesn’t overpower. It absorbs very quickly, instead of sitting on my face for hours like some oils have. And a tiny bit goes a long way.

    I like mixing it with the Evening Primrose CO2 and a little Vitamin E.

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