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  Rosewood (Bois de Rose)
Aniba roseodora, wildcrafted, steam-distilled wood, Brazil.


Finally we have found a Rosewood Essential Oil that is at least to a degree, ecologically sensitive. Many people will not use Rosewood because they believe that harvesting the wood denudes the rain forest. I have been told that the Brazilian government now requires that one new rosewood tree be planted for every mature tree that is harvested, to protect the future of the rain forest.

However, even greater than the demand for essential oil, Rosewood’s lumber is in great demand for producing furniture and musical instruments. Our new Rosewood oil is a byproduct of the furniture industry. It is distilled from the scraps and trimmings left after the furniture-grade lumber is produced.

For this reason, the aroma is a bit lighter, a bit crisper...there is less heartwood in the mix, it is produced primarily from twigs and small branches. We will willingly trade a bit of the aromatic depth of earlier specimens for the knowledge that no trees were felled specifically to produce this oil.

Rosewood, with its woody/floral aroma, can be an aphrodisiac, an antidepressant, and a general balancer to the emotions. In skin care, it is said to stimulate new cell growth, regenerate tissues and help minimize lines and wrinkles. It helps balance both dry and oily skin, and can prove helpful against acne. Rosewood is an integral part of our Rosacea Synergy.

Some authorities say it has a hormonal effect, not unlike that claimed for Rose and for Geranium. It blends well with both of these oils.

Certificate of Analysis:
Batch No. BR-48526
Batch No: BR-28055
Batch No: BR-31354

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