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  Rose Hip PULP CO2 (no ratings yet)
Rosa canina, organically produced, CO2 extracted from the whole fruit, Germany.


We all know the wonderful skin care benefits of Rose Hip Seed Oil, how it pampers “experienced skin.”

However, Rose Hip Seed Oil has two unfortunate features. First, it has an extremely short shelf life. In addition, it is one of the richer, thicker carrier oils, and in the summer is just a bit too thick for my taste.

But…I’ve found a wonderful substitute. For the past few weeks I’ve been using a blend of Sea Buckthorn Berry Extract AND Rose Hip Pulp Extract…a thick red CO2 Extract from the dog rose…the variety of rose with the largest hips. I’m mixing these two extracts into some Fractionated Coconut Oil. In the summer I want its lightness, although come cold dry weather I may go back to Jojoba, or one of the richer oils.

The Pulp Extract is high in linoleic acid (omega-6), alpha-linolenic acid (omega-3), and oleic acid, (omega-9). It is also rich in stearic and palmitic acid, phytosterols, tocopherols, and carotenoids. It is specifically recommended for use in moisturizing creams against dry skin, for anti-wrinkle effects, as well as for treating acne, neurodermitis, scaly, and chapped skin.

I do not know if the extract has the extraordinary scar healing ability, when blended with Helichrysum italicuum, that we find in the cold pressed fixed oil, so for healing scars I still recommend using the traditional fixed oil. However, for facial blends, for most skin care benefits, I think this new extract is a wiser, and longer lasting, choice.

Rose Hip Pulp CO2, like many CO2 extracted oils is quite thick. The oil may not be able to come out of the orifice reducer in the bottle. You may need to pipette the oil out. Because of its intense color, we recommend using this extract at only 1 to 2% in other fixed oils. A stronger dilution is apt to serve (at least temporarily) as a bronzer! The shelf life, according to the producer, if stored in an unopened container under cool and dry storage conditions and excluding light should be at least 2 years.

Certificate of Analysis:
Batch No. BU-641221
Batch No. BU-351204

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