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Derived from the ancient Rosa gallica this lovely distillate, grown and produced by one of the finest perfume suppliers in Grasse, is lighter and sweeter than our more familiar Rose Hydrosol produced from Rosa Damascena. Like it’s true Rose Otto co-distillate, our Rose Hydrosol is a mix of sunlight and shadow, and appeals more to “women of a certain age.” Rosa damascena, in all of its forms, Rose Otto, Rose Hydrosol and Rose CO2 is the ultimate support for a woman’s spirit. So I only ordered a tiny bit of the Rosa Alba hydrosol. It was new to us, and, who knew what to expect?

Here we have the young woman’s Rose! Light, sweet, bottled sunlight! I sprayed a bit on a tissue to evaluate it over time, and I can’t stop reaching for it. It is, as I said, lighter than the traditional Rose Hydrosol. I am layering it with Blood Orange hydrosol, an unlikely combination, but refreshing as I sit at this desk.

I think it would be a lovely, gentle toner for oily or combination skin, but like many of my favorite hydrosols, I would use it for its emotional benefits. I defy you to spritz a bit of this lovely young rose and not smile!







1 oz sample, 4 fl oz


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