Peaceful Crossing


  • Special blend for support during end of life.
  • Hospice blend, for patients, family and care-givers
  • May help in letting go
  • Ages 6 and up as appropriate

Product Information

We have had a lot of requests recently for people wanting a blend to support friends and loved ones in hospice care. The name that kept running through my head was Peaceful Crossing, a blend of Frankincense CO2 for calming, centering and connecting with the Sacred, Atlas Cedarwood, to calm anxiety and ease fears, Cypress, for comfort in times of loss, Blood Orange, our sweet anti-depressant, Rose Otto for calming grief and hysteria, and Spikenard, known for helping achieve inner peace, and releasing fears and resentments, the oil of forgiveness. This blend was designed to aid both the individuals preparing for the crossing, and the loved ones at their side.& Available as an UNDILUTED SYNERGY to use in a diffuser or inhaler, or in a skin safe ANOINTING OIL (in Jojoba Oil) for topical use.







Synergy, 5 ml with Inhaler (color of our choice), Anointing Oil (5 ml), Synergy (5 ml)


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