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  Palo Santo
Bursera graveolens, wood harvested from fallen trees, thus “ethically wildcrafted” from Peru.


Palo Santo roughly translates to “Holy Wood” or “Holy Stick” in Spanish, and the wood of this sacred tree has long been used for many purposes in South and Central America.

Burned as incense, the wood has been traditionally used to ward off negativity, to be an aid to meditation and for spiritual cleansing.

Botanically related to the Indian and African Frankincense trees, Palo Santo’s wood may share some of the properties of the Frankincense resins. Aromatically this new batch was a surprise to us. Deeper than our previous specimen, perhaps a low heart note for the perfumers. Our noses detected traces of lemon (not surprising, since the oil, like our Somallian Frankincense, is quite high in Limonene). Perhaps a trace of anise, or one of the spices. A trifle balsamic, reminiscent of a fine wine. Obviously a very hard to describe aroma! (I searched Arctander, but when discussing Palo Santo he refers the reader to Guaiacwood, Bulnesia sarmienti, a totally different species. Nor does Burfield mention it. We are left to our own devices.)

I have seen much written on the internet, but frankly, I am extremely skeptical of the claims of the multilevel marketing company promoting it.

Our initial reaction: Like Frankincense, it should be a useful respiratory oil. Our experience? It is a WONDERFUL respiratory oil! Both Christi and I experienced what can only be described as an opening or lightening of our sinus cavities, and bronchial area. Since she is extremely bothered by respiratory allergies this month, and I have COPD we were both delighted with our body’s reactions!

Emotionally, we both had a feeling of “lightness,” indicating that the essential oil might be useful for stress relief. I have seen the oil highly recommended as a meditation aid, and suggestions that it may be useful in a massage blend for the pain of rheumatism, arthritis, etc. I have also seen it recommended as an antidote for anxiety and panic attacks. We haven't had time to explore any of these uses, and would welcome feedback.

I gave a tiny sample to a friend, a gifted intuitive and spiritual healer. Her reaction: “Hi Marge, Just a quick note to thank you for the lovely Experience that this sacred brought to me. The oil seemed to possess a very magical ability to ground me, without much ado (because it is from a tree); then it cleared and opened the 3rd eye and crown chakras. Addtionally, it traveled up beyond the crown chakra to clear and open my soul chakra, which sits about 6" above the crown, thus placing me in open and clear connection with God.” She went on to discuss that the essential oil seemed to align and connect all chakras. A true gift for any energy worker!!!

SHELF LIFE: Approximately 1 to 2 years after you open the bottle.  Storing in the dark, refrigerated, and decanting half full bottles into smaller, full bottles will extend shelf life.

GC/MS  Batch # PE-48611

Customer Reviews

  • 5 palo santo

    Posted by Karen from Washington on 06/17/2018 Verified Purchase

    By far this companies Essential oil is the best I’ve used. I’ve purchased this oil from a couple other web sites but yours by far is my favorite. The scent is so peaceful feeling full of love and hope. LOVE THIS ESSENTIAL OIL, BY FAR THE BEST OUT THERE.

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