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  Orange Blossom Absolute, 10% Dilution (no ratings yet)
Citrus aurantium, solvent-extracted bitter orange tree blossoms, Tunisia.
- Potent at low dilutions
- Adds depth and heart to any blend


Extravagant, and wonderful for the perfumers in our midst is this deep, complex absolute from the blossoms of the bitter orange tree. Produced by a master extractor, this absolute is reminiscent of our Neroli Essential Oil, but much deeper and more complex in aroma. The undiluted absolute has a touch of a green note to it, fresh from the bottle, on dry down, and when diluted it becomes a radiant floral, rich, warm, heady. Amazingly potent even in very low dilutions or as a minute part of a blend, this Orange Blossom Absolute is the perfumers dream. I am wearing it blended half and half with our Neroli Essential Oil, its perfect compliment. It will add depth and heart to any blend that needs a non top note floral. Absolutely EXQUISITE!

This particular absolute was produced in France, from flowers grown and solvent extracted to yield the concrete in Tunisia.

We are delighted to be able to hold our prices to those of the past two years!

We are offering the absolute full strength, of course, and in this 10% Dilution in Fractionated Coconut Oil. The undiluted Orange Blossom is probably too thick to get through the orifice reducer in the bottle. It may be necessary to take the orifice reducer out and use a pipette, or warm the bottle some.

Gail Adrian, fragranceur extraordaire, writes this about Orange Blossom Absolute:

I happen to be absolutely addicted to Orange Flower Absolute! It has a sensual/sexual quality that I crave when creating heady, bold, and rich perfumes.

There can be somewhat of a difference in them…. Play a bit. You can always blend it with a less audacious scent like Lav. Abs. or even Benzoin in the base. Something else that might mitigate it, might be some excellent Frankincense. Use some lighter middles, some Ho leaf or Ho wood, some of the earthier spices such as Coriander, or Ginger. a lovely Green Coriander would also pick up that middle then, in the top use something really ephemeral to balance out the eroticism of the bottom perhaps a Violet leaf, if you have it, or a Frangipani, or if you don't want to break the bank a lovely petitgrain/bitter orange/ with perhaps a dash of lavender?

When I smell Orange Flower Absolute, I think of Louis the XIV and the Hall of Mirrors. Yummmm. It doesn't get more decadent than that.

Certificate of Analysis:
Batch No. TU-N0015514

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Orange Blossom Absolute   Orange Blossom Absolute
Citrus aurantium, solvent-extracted bitter orange tree blossoms, Tunisia.
- Potent at low dilutions
- Adds depth and heart to any blend
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