NoNitz Synergy


A blend of Nerolina and Tea Tree essential oils for “common children’s hair problems.”

Safe for ages 6 and up.

Product Information

In Australia, this blend of our Nerolina and Tea Tree Essential Oils is advertised as “the solution to common children’s hair problems.” These “hair problems” are seemingly more and more common; I know both of my local grandchildren’s schools are infested, and parents end up fighting a near-constant battle with the itchy little demons.

“NoNitz” to the rescue! We blogged about this blend several months ago, and several of our local friends tested it out. The response was unanimous—they liked the aroma and it seemed effective in ridding wee scalps of “unwanted hitchhikers!”

We recommended using a 2.5% dilution in shampoo, (2.5 mls blended into 97.5 mls of unscented shampoo, or just under 3 1/3 fl oz of shampoo). We also advised them on creating an after-shampoo spray using a diluent such as alcohol, Polysorbate 20, or Solubol and adding to distilled water. (2.5% percent is the dilution proven effective at killing both the adult “critters” and their immature offspring.)

The mothers who tried this out were delighted. Within a week, two active infestations were gone! My grandchildren have stayed free from “unwanted guests” for the entire school year. There was one major drawback, however…. NO busy mother looked forward to measuring and blending her own products. We were asked if we could supply a ready-to-use product.

The 5 ml bottle of undiluted synergy is enough for 100 mls (a tad less than 3.5 oz) of shampoo and after spray, if you choose to blend your own.

Based on the research cited in the blog article and in our experience, the proportions listed above will over the course of time both evict “unwanted guests” and prevent young ones from hatching and settling in. If you currently have no “unwanted guests” and would prefer to keep the “no vacancy” sign up, then we think a lower dilution would be effective, perhaps 1%. This equals one ml of NoNitz synergy to 100 ml (about 3 1/3 fl oz) of rinse or shampoo.

Also available in a 1 oz sampler pack of the shampoo and detangler. Plus 4 oz full sizes of NoNitz Shampoo and NoNitz Detangler.



1.1 oz


1.5 × 1.5 × 3 in


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