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  Neroli Hydrosol (Orange Blossom Water)
Citrus aurantium, organically produced, steam distilled blossoms, Morocco.


This imported hydrosol, distilled from the blossoms of the bitter orange tree, smells the way orange blossoms should, mild and sweet enough to drink. I have been using it as a cologne to echo my Reunité Blend (which I often wear as perfume). I spray it in the room when any of us are feeling anxious or stressed. Instant release. 

Some of my friends have talked about making a sorbet of a blend of the rose and neroli hydrosols. (Perhaps we need to contact Ben and Jerry’s?) A spritz or two in a glass of spring water is soothing and emotionally settling. Wonderful stuff! (I like a drop added to a cup of black sweet coffee, and always thought it was weird, until I recently read that Neroli can help calm “coffee jitters,” not that I’m ever jittery, of course!)

A client mentioned that she uses a spritz of this to calm her cat when it needs a trip to the vet. My daughter the groomer took this idea and ran with it; she uses the Neroli Hydrosol to calm nervous animals before bathing/grooming them. Says it works like a charm!

Another friend reports using Neroli Hydrosol as a body spray during her daughter’s labor and delivery. The new mother stayed cool and calm, the Neroli helped immensely. This same friend reports that using as a toner, on a regular basis, seems to be helping with thread veins (couperose). Shirley Price recommends Neroli water for people suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder or to relieve stress or emotional upsets. No end to the uses of this sweetly scented floral water.

We’ve used it on long flights, if one of our number is afraid to fly. A gentle spritz calms the anxiety.

Neroli Hydrosol is mildly astringent and may be the hydrosol of choice for oily skin. If it is your choice, try blending it with rose, chamomile, or geranium. It is superb for oily or acnied skin. (But I love it for my mature skin, as well.) Anita Ink recently wrote: “I have combination skin, and have found the neroli hydrosol to be a good toner and balancer for both the oily and drier areas. In the dry areas it smooths and polishes my skin without excessive tightening, and I follow that with a light moisturizer. In the oily areas I use several spritzes of neroli and rub it in well. It really tightens the pores and gently clears any oily debris that might be lurking under the surface. Makes skin care ultra easy…and fun!”

One friend uses either a spray of Neroli Hydrosol or a dampened cloth to wipe her toddler’s face to ease him out of a temper tantrum. Price recommends its use for over-excited babies, since it is calming without causing sleepiness.

Available in one or four fluid ounce bottles with atomizers or a 16 ounce refill bottle.

Our hydrosols are packaged in PET bottles with atomizer tops for ease of use. Hydrosols are perishable: keep refrigerated. For more information on how they’re made and their uses, click here.

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Customer Reviews

  • 5 Fantastic for hyper terriers!

    Posted by Lynnette from Maryland on 11/01/2018

    I have two very excitable Jack Russell Terriers who love to bark at everything and everybody when they ride in the car. A couple of days ago, they were with us in a drive through - a prime barking opportunity. As we approached the drive-thru, the excitability was in full swing. I grabbed the Nature’s Gift Neroli hydrosol and sprayed it into the air in front of each pup. The change was immediately perceptible - both dogs calmed, sat completely still, and just watched the interaction, instead of the typical - "bark our heads off and make you think I want to kill you" response.

    Thank you, Nature’s Gift for giving us a product that brings the down the anxiety levels of our puppers and makes car rides much more enjoyable."

  • 5 helps my anxious dog

    Posted by Dawn from Iowa on 12/19/2018

    One of my dogs is anxious about lots of things- thunder, noises outside or next door. She loves this spray.

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