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  Melissa Hydrosol (no ratings yet)
Melissa officinalis, organically produced, USA.


Melissa is known for its anti-viral effects. The hydrosol may be of use in a compress to help ease the symptoms of shingles. The anti-viral power of Melissa Essential Oil is well documented. My supplier adds a teaspoon of the hydrosol to her water bottle every day during the flu and virus season. It is also often recommended to settle upset stomachs, recommended for both nausea and indigestion. The hydrosol may be of use in a compress to help ease the symptoms of shingles.

Melissa is a great toner/astringent for oily skin, as well. I don't recommend the essential oil in skin care since it can be irritating. This is where the gentleness of the hydrosol makes it the delivery method of choice. Hope uses it as a morning toner for her oily skin, and one client writes that it has helped her hormonal acne tremendously.

Jeanne Rose writes that Melissa Hydrosol has powerful uses in skin care products, that it is antifungal, relieves skin infection and breakouts and can cure herpes. The hydrosol is considered useful in tonic drinks for "attention deficit disorder" and dietary uses.

Shirley Price recommends Melissa Hydrosol for regulating irregular periods, relieving painful menses, and controlling PMS.

It has a brisk, lemon-like scent and flavor that I find refreshing and revitalizing.

It is also recommended for times of emotional crisis. Emotionally, a spritz of Melissa Hydrosol for the face or body may bring emotional calmness, soothing anger, and relieving insomnia. Melissa is both uplifting and antidepressant, as well as being relaxing. And yummy!

Image courtesy of Albert Vieille.

Our hydrosols are packaged in blue cobalt bottles with atomizer tops for ease of use. Hydrosols are perishable: keep refrigerated. For more information on how they're made and their uses, click here.

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