Marula Oil


Sclerocarya birrea, Wildcrafted, cold-pressed kernel oil, unrefined, fair trade from Swaziland.


Product Information

New from Swaziland “unrefined” Marula oil. This beautiful batch harkens back to the first time we experienced and offered Marula oil. It absorbs into the skin extremely quickly, more so than any other carrier oil we’ve ever tried. It is a “dry” oil, almost instantly absorbed by the skin. We think it will be excellent for summer’s heat, or for oily skin. High in conditioning oleic acid and anti-oxidants, Marula Oil is said to leave the skin feeling soft, hydrated, nourished, and revitalized.

I wouldn’t recommend Marula as a massage oil, since it absorbs so totally quickly there would be no “slip” for massage, but for an instantly absorbing non-greasy facial oil or topical applications, it is without an equal. I’m planning on using it in the summer, when other oils can just feel too hot and heavy on my skin.

Marula Oil is also a wonderful addition to any oil-based serum, and one of the secrets of our Cleopatra’s Secret Serum. It adds rapid absorbency to the other emollients you choose to use. Research points toward its use for anti-aging cosmetic blends, easily added to a serum or lotion.

Marula is highly treasured for its skincare benefits all over the world and all parts are made use of in some way including the skin, the fruit, the kernel, and even the bark/wood. Our Marula is a kernel oil. It also has an amazingly long shelf life and is high in palmitic, oleic, linoleic fatty acids and stearic acid.

When you purchase our Marula Oil you are not only adding a wonderful skin care oil to your collection, but helping support the women of the tribe that produces it. Marula is a totally sustainable and uniquely Swazi and African skin care product. Truly a special place, Swaziland is a landlocked monarchy within the continent of Africa, near South Africa and Mozambique.







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