Blue Lotus Infused Oil

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Nymphaea caerulea, organically produced blossoms infused in Jojoba Oil, India.

  • Chakra work
  • Light, delicate
  • Extremely Limited Supply

Product Information

The producer explained his process to me…equal amounts of pure Jojoba oil, and fresh Blue Lotus blossoms.
Seal, cover, allow to stand overnight. Drain off the jojoba, discarding the spent blossom, and add freshly picked blossoms to the Jojoba. Continue this process for 25 days. At the end of this period one is left with the most marvelously, sweet scented Blue Lotus infusion. Skin safe for use as a sacred anointing oil, or a perfume.

Light and delicate in aroma, not as floral as the more common Pink or White Lotus blossoms. but its effect on the spirit is amazing.
A “must have” for anyone working with the chakras, doing energy work, or using the oils as a part of their spiritual journey.

One of our busy bees felt as though a tube of clear blue light and love was opened inside her, knowing that she was directly connected to a spiritual being. “I felt calm, peaceful and centered, but most important, connected and loved. A spiritual experience not to be missed.”  She speaks of feeling her third eye gently spiraling open. Others say that Blue Lotus is associated with the fifth chakra. The Blue Lotus is said to be the flower of self potential and self-actualization.
I don’t feel this oil the way some others have, but when I play with it I envision a clear stream, laughing its way over stones…with flower petals floating on the surface. A peaceful and safe scene, but lighthearted and joyful.

Perfume writer Victoria, of Bois de Jasmine, writes:
Blue Lotus strikes me as having a very unique quality—translucence paired with tenacity. I find that it starts out with a slightly pungent crisp note (not unlike White Lotus in some ways, which actually reminds me of autumnal leaves), however immediately crispness melds into transparency underscored by a subtle floral note and perhaps a touch of verdant foliage.






Reviews (4)

  1. Sally from Pennsylvania

    ( 4 Reviews )

    Sally from Pennsylvania

    I have been looking at this oil for some time now but didn’t want to pay the price. Presently I on an amazing journey of growth and transformation and was compelled to buy it. I will ALWAYS have this oil in my collection, it facilitates spiritual opening in a way I have never experienced. I use it to anoint my third eye and I have it in a roll on. It keeps me connected to a space of high vibration like no other oil I have experienced. The aroma is Heavenly. Thank you, Marge for providing this amazing oil.

  2. Dawn from Iowa

    ( 4 Reviews )

    Dawn from Iowa

    I found myself drawn to this listing. Read it again and again and then it went on sale. I splurged and I love it. It calms me and yet it makes me feel like I could be somewhere exotic and new like the Nile and yet I am comforted by a sense of home. I haven’t tried using it in a body care product yet but I will.

  3. Kathy from New York

    ( 4 Reviews )

    Kathy from New York

    I recently started a small business venture doing Aromatherapy workshops. I’m currently working toward my certification and I hope to do consultations once I am certified, but for now, Blue Lotus Aromatics will be doing make-and-take workshops with an emphasis on safe usage of essential oils. When I saw this blend for sale from NG, I couldn’t possibly pass it up… and I’m oh-so-glad I purchased it, even though it is expensive for an infused oil.

    I can only say.. worth EVERY PENNY. It’s a soft floral, candy-like smell that is stronger than I expected for an infused oil, but not overpowering. I can’t tolerate strong floral scents like Ylang Ylang and I was pleasantly surprised at this oil – it’s not sickly sweet, but a little herbaceous. I cannot wait to add it to a rollerball bottle perfume blend or a lotion. I’ll treasure every drop of this oil! <3

  4. Amy from Alaska

    ( 4 Reviews )

    Amy from Alaska

    I really enjoyed the sample gifted to me in a recent order so I bought a 5 ml. I have trouble staying asleep. I’ve been using Lavender and a few other oils here and there but nothing truly worked for me. A few nights ago, I put a drop of Lavender (Bulgarian) on my wrists on top of some Lavender lotion, and I decided to put a drop of this Blue Lotus infused oil on as well. I rubbed them together, inhaled the amazingly lovely aroma and went to bed. I don’t remember waking up at my normal 1AM and 3AM times, so I guess this is the one! This oil resonates with me and I don’t ever want to run out. Wow. I want to try this with the Black Frankincense Sacra infused oil…should be fantastic. Thank you for this oil!!!

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