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  Lotus, Blue Absolute (no ratings yet)
Nymphaea caerulea, wildcrafted, solvent-extracted, India.


This rarest of Lotus blossoms yields an ethereal absolute. When appropriately diluted, it is light, delicate in aroma, not as floral as the more common Pink or White Lotus blossoms. but its effect on the spirit is amazing.

A “must have” for anyone working with the chakras, doing energy work, or using the oils as a part of their spiritual journey. Anne writes of feeling as though a tube of clear blue light and love was opened, inside her. Of knowing that she was directly connected to a spiritual being, “I felt calm, peaceful and centered, but most important, connected and loved. A spiritual experience not to be missed.” Anne describes the scent of the Absolute as that of a gently moving pool, being fed by the purest of waterfalls, filled with the scent of fragile flowers from heaven.

Debi speaks of feeling her third eye gently spiraling open. The first client to receive a sample of this exquisite absolute wrote of feeling her crown chakra opening, and filling with beams of clear light. Others say that Blue Lotus is associated with the fifth chakra. The Blue Lotus is said to be the flower of self potential and self-actualization.

I don’t feel this oil the way some others have. But when I play with it I envision a clear stream, laughing its way over stones…with flower petals floating on the surface. A peaceful and safe scene, but lighthearted…joyful.

Blue Lotus is not for everyone. It is rare, and costly. We only have a little, and are only offering it in limited sizes, while supplies last, undiluted. When more becomes available, we will offer it in a 10% dilution.

And…speaking of dilutions. We found this amazing oil changes, like a chameleon, with each dilution. We started with the 10% dilution we have always offered. Diluted that down to 5%, then 2.5%, and then down to perhaps a 1% dilution. Most of us preferred the weaker dilutions; they to bring out the subtleties and dimensions of this complex oil.

Perfume writer Victoria, of Bois de Jasmine, writes of our Blue Lotus Absolute:

Blue Lotus strikes me as having a very unique quality—translucence paired with tenacity. I find that it starts out with a slightly pungent crisp note (not unlike White Lotus in some ways, which actually reminds me of autumnal leaves), however immediately crispness melds into transparency underscored by a subtle floral note and perhaps a touch of verdant foliage. The visions of water you described are very apt. I did a blind test, and this is exactly the reaction I had.

Available here pure and undiluted, or in a 10% Dilution in Fractionated Coconut for ease of use.

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