Liquid Castile Soap


  • 4 oz Gentle liquid soap
  • Organically produced saponified olive, palm, and coconut oils
  • With organically produced Aloe Vera juice for its skin care benefits
  • Safe for all ages

Product Information

At last, a gentle unscented liquid castile soap to contain your favorite essential oil or blend! Our liquid castile is crafted from all organic ingredients: saponified olive, palm, coconut oils, and aloe vera juice, and is ready to receive your favorite ingredients. Use in the bath or shower, dilute for a natural vegetable wash, or use for hand washing delicate fabrics. Add up to 1.5 ml of essential oils, and shake to blend well. Packaged in essential-oil-safe cobalt PET plastic with a flip top for your convenience.

We are already using it with some of our Fog Cutter Synergy for a morning wakeup shower. This is the base for Manny’s Inner Child soap, as well as the base we use (further diluted with Rose Hydrosol) for our Happy Baby Wash. Add this to our SleepEase Synergy, or Bulgarian Lavender to make a relaxing bed time bath. A few drops of Rose Absolute and Sandalwood for a romantic shower or bath a deux. Add your favorite skin care blend to nourish your complexion. A few drops of GermBeater for cleaning the kitchen and bath. The possibilities are truly endless.

This is a water-based, USDA food grade, certified organic product.



6 oz


2 × 2 × 6.5 in


4 oz


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