Lemon Hydrosol


Distilled from organically grown Meyer Lemons (citrus x meyeri)
• Astringent – great toner for oily skin or acne
• Concentration, mental alertness, focus
• Add this to your water, rather than the essential oil!


Product Information

For skincare, Lemon Hydrosol is unsurpassed for oily skin. It is said to contain both Vitamin C and antioxidants which may help balance skin tone and lighten acne scars.

We all know what a wonderful internal ‘detoxifier” lemon is. A splash of this sparkling hydrosol in your morning water will be effective and so very much safer than putting essential oil in water. Its brisk lemony taste is delightful, as well as helping clear the mind and increase mental focus and concentration.

Lemon hydrosol is said to stimulate white blood cell production, so it may be helpful in warding off infections. It might be helpful in a hot compress to help with boils.

Use as a room or counter spray both to cut grease on surfaces, and to leave a fresh, clean aroma.

I would not use Lemon Hydrosol as a linen spray. As much as I love the aroma, I think we don’t need mental stimulants when we are trying to doze off!







1 oz sample, 1 oz, 4 oz, 16 oz bulk


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