Ledum (Greenland Moss)

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Ledum groenlandicum (Greenland Moss or Labrador Tea), eco-certified organically produced, wild, steam-distilled, Canada.

– Stimulates Immune System

– Liver and kidney detox

– Useful for insomnia

– Helpful for nausea & vomiting

– Calming & reassuring, helping release trapped emotions


Product Information

From a gifted Canadian artisan distiller. Ledum is sometimes known as either Greenland Moss or Labrador Tea.

The plant has an ancient history among Native Americans as a “cure-all.” The essential oil distilled from the leaves seems to have immune system stimulating effects when diffused. Kurt Schnaubelt recommends the essential oil (taken internally) for liver and kidney detoxification. Schnaubelt often recommends it not for treatment of severe illness, but during the recuperation process for general support of the immune system. He also states that it is useful against insomnia and especially helpful against the nausea and vomiting that so often are triggered by chemotherapy.

Emotionally, Ledum oil is calming and reassuring. Some sources recommend it in helping release trapped emotions.

WARNING: Please note that this is by no means a “beginner’s oil” but we have had requests to source it for some experienced aromatherapists and health care professionals. Nature’s Gift does not recommend the internal use of any essential oil unless you are under the guidance and direction of a trained health care professional. Please also see our blog post on the benefits of inhalation vs. the dangers of ingesting essential oils.

GC/MS Analysis:
September 2013, CA-13116-A1
Batch No. CA-58578
Batch No. CA-58710
Batch No. CA-58746
Batch No. CA-58935

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  1. Becky from North Dakota

    ( 1 Review )

    Becky from North Dakota

    Love this essential oil. I was surprised by the camphor-like quality of its fragrance while being sweet and evergreen-y at the same time. I make a beautiful after shower body oil by mixing it with Frankincense, Tsuga, Lavender and Meadowfoam carrier oil (or your choice). Yum!!

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