Lavandin Hydrosol


Lavandula hybrid, L. x intermedia Grosso organically grown and distilled in USA.
* keeps mosquitoes away


Product Information

Lavandin hydrosol is less floral than most true Lavender hydrosols, grassier and more herbal in aroma.

Lavandin is always a hybrid of true lavender and spike lavender. Not as gentle and not recommended for use with infants, this amazing distillate is a much more powerful germ killer than is true Lavender water. We are told that Lavandin hydrosol makes a wonderful natural deodorant spray.

But what really sold me on making this amazing hydrosol available to you was a story I was told. The distiller’s grandson snuck a bottle of this with him to scout camp. After two days she got a phone call. Every other scout was literally covered in ‘skeeter bites’… her grandson? not one. They asked her to send or bring a spritzer for each young scount.

Now, I LOVE our SkeeterBeater. And we know it is effective. But is it also not safe for pregnant women or babies. Here is a pregnancy-safe and child-safe alternative.

Emotionally, we find it both invigorating and refreshing, wonderful as a spritzer when you still have lots to do. (Obviously not the best choice for a linen spray!)

In skincare, this Lavandin Hydrosol is recommended as a gentle, balancing toner for oily or combination skin.







1 oz sample, 1 oz, 4 oz, 16 oz bulk


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