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  Incense Cedar Wood
Calocedrus macrolepis Kurz var formosana/ Calocedrus formosana Taiwan Incense Cedar. Wildcrafted, Steam-distilled, Wood.
• "Taiwan Sandalwood"
• Wonderful for mediation to use alone or with a familiar friend


We imported this oil because Jim and I both fell in love with the aroma.  As sweet as sandalwood, with the depth of Agarwood, perhaps a hint of amber.  I do not have the vocabulary to describe it.  We just knew that we had to have it, and had to make it available to you.

Sweet, woody with a hint of amber, I am told this is the most prized aromatic grown in Taiwan.  It is known as a national treasure.

The wood is golden and smooth, often used for furniture.  The sawdust is sold for incense, because of its sweet fragrance.   It is sometimes called "Taiwan Sandalwood", but its aroma lasts much longer than that of Sandalwood, equaling Agarwood in its dry-down.

We find this a wonderful aid to meditation; that is its traditional use, and recommended.

GC: Batch # TW-58927


Customer Reviews

  • 5 Earthy, masculine, sort of peppery

    Posted by James from Tennessee on 06/14/2019 Verified Purchase

    This is a great oil, subtle and slow releasing. Nice to wear or to let evaporate. I do about 6 drops onto a terra cotta saucer and it evaporates over 1/2 hour. Def. recommend.

  • 5 This speaks to my soul.

    Posted by Charlie from Florida on 10/24/2019

    I knew I would love Incense Cedar from the name alone. The name is the perfect description for this scent. Deep woods, roots, syrupy resin, all wrapped in a sweet and smoky blanket. Every now then I catch a hint of, no joke, a root beer float. As it dries down it becomes sweeter, and creamy. This is an essential oil I’m really enjoying all by itself. Sure it would blend marvelously with others, but it’s so balanced by itself it deserves to stand alone. Blended with some English Lavender the spicy notes really shine. Almost cinnamon like. My favorite way to enjoy it is simply on an aroma stone or a candle diffuser. A little goes a long way, and it lingers for quite a while. This is such an amazing grounding oil. It gives a very intense feeling of protection, and balance. I feel as though I am good enough and have everything I need. Incense Cedar has valuable lessons to teach. It reinforces my desire to stop, and be nowhere else but where I am right now. Pairing it with some red jasper really intensifies this. Once again you’ve found these amazing gifts from nature that speak to my soul. Thank you so much for sharing them with me.

  • 5 Incense...

    Posted by Adam from Pennsylvania on 04/21/2020 Verified Purchase

    This is the first order I placed with Nature’s Gift, and as we know, our first experience with an oline retailer is very important.

    I can report that my experience was great. Incense Cedarwood, being my first order. I love wood essential oils, and particularly Cedarwoods. So when I saw Incense Cedarwood, I wanted to order it immediately. It is extremely rich! Perhaps the most deep strong intense wood essential oil I have smelled. When it first arrives to your nose, there is a strong richness like an Asian condiment that contains dried fruit, caramelizing sugars and acids. That scent quickly softens into smokiness, that mellows onto perfume cedar. This essential oil is very unique and I’m quite happy I purchased it :-)

  • 5 Stunning

    Posted by Shirley Rehne from Louisiana on 04/23/2020

    This oil is makes me think of a deep smoky Sandalwood. It’s one of the most beautiful oils I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing. Absolutely recommend it.

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