Hydrosols: The Next Aromatherapy by Suzanne Catty

Learn to use hydrosols for true aromatherapy healing.

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Suzanne has taken the use of my beloved hydrosols far beyond skin care and room scenting and shows how they may be used for true aromatherapy healing. This book is bound to be controversial, Suzanne has broken many of the “conventional” recommendations by using the hydrosols internally in detailed courses of treatment. Wonderful ideas of combinations of hydrosols, for external or internal use in ways that were new to me.

Suzanne offers monographs on monographs on 67(!) hydrosols, information on their production, and, more important, their energetic, physical and emotional uses. Information on proper use and storage, a chapter of recipes for both health and well being as well as a section of just for fun recipes for skincare, and culinary uses…. the book is a long awaited treasure!


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