Happy Dreams Aroma Patch


Ready-to-use inhalation patch with our Happy Dreams blend


Product Information

We created this blend for use in a nationally-known hospital’s Newborn Intensive Care Unit, to ease their wee patients’ exhaustion and stress and help them fall asleep. Three organic essential oils are contained in the blend: Lavender Population for relaxation, Sweet Orange for emotional soothing/uplifting, and Petitgrain Bigarade to ease stress and anxiety. The hospital requested these Aromatherapy Patches to apply to the crib in the NICU to help calm their smallest patients, as well as for use throughout the facility.

Gentle and safe enough for the youngest member of your family when sleep eludes them, but you will find it helpful yourself when insomnia strikes.

Open the sealed packet, peel the sticky patch from the plastic liner and apply to the chest or pajama collar. The adhesive is a hypoallergenic hydro-gel.

I would not use them for an older infant or toddler, a patient with dementia, or anyone who is apt to remove the patch and put it in their mouth. Unlike inhalers, they offer a steady “dose” of aromatic vapors for up to eight hours. In case this is not clear, these are aromatherapy patches, not transdermal patches (absorption through the skin). For insomnia and anxiety, inhalation is by far the most effective method of use.







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