Ginger Root TOTAL CO2

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Zingiber officinale, organically produced, CO2 extracted roots, Germany.
• Anti-nausea
• Best for diffusion and inhalation


Product Information

A more freshly scented Ginger oil. In the past we discontinued the Ginger CO2 we had stocked because it was so intensely hot we didn’t feel it was safe to use. This total CO2 extract is delightful… very warming, but not burning when used in proper dilution. The producer especially recommends it as an anti-nausea agent, for morning sickness, motion sickness, or post surgical nausea. We also use it in pain relief blends to stimulate circulation. This is the Ginger extract most recommended for anti-nausea effects. As a total extract, it contains the gingerols and shogaols that give ginger its extreme heat. I would not recommend this total Ginger Root Oil as a food flavoring or for any type of internal use.

Please note that although this select extract is much less “hot” than some Ginger CO2 extracts, I would still use it at very low dilutions if using topically. It truly does excel when used for diffusion or inhalation. See Also our distilled Ginger Root Essential Oil and our new Ginger Root CO2 Select.

Educator and author Madeleine Kerkhof-Knapp Hayes recommends it for skin with poor circulation, directly on Stage 1 decubitus (bed sores) or around stages 2 to 4. Best use: Stimulating surface circulation, use at 0.25% to 0.5%, best diluted in either St. John’s Wort Macerate/infusion or in Sesame oil.

A recent note from Marge to help clarify the difference between the Select and the Total:

“Okay… the difference between total and select (because you will see this with German Chamomile, and perhaps some others.)

The select is much closer to the essential oil… the process is designed to filter out the non volatiles. It may be diffused, while the total can’t be. In my opinion it smells much closer to a slice of ginger root than does the distilled oil.

But the total…oh my.. because it contains the gingerols, that do not come through distillation, it is far more warming. Better for pain relief and for circulation. We ship it by the kilo to China. I am told the grandmothers put it in a footbath to warm them all over, when they are chilled. Amazing stuff. (yes, I have a favorite!)”

We hope this has been helpful.

SAFETY: Robert Tisserand advises no known hazards. Please use in low dilutions.

SHELF LIFE: Approximately 2 to 3 years after you open the bottle. Storing in the dark, refrigerated, and decanting half full bottles into smaller, full bottles will extend shelf life.

Certificate of Analysis:
Batch No. NI-441114
Batch No. GE-251113
Batch No. GE-841416
Batch No. GE-961223
Batch No. GE-58822
Batch No. GE-58980







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  1. Tiffany from Virginia

    ( 1 Review )

    Tiffany from Virginia

    I suffer from peripheral neuropathy, which is actually what led to my initial foray into EOs a few years back — a hunt for natural pain relief. I’ve been dabbling in pain blends from the start. While I had already used ginger oil with some success, the described potency of this CO2 led me to try it out.

    Even heavily diluted (they’re not kidding about that!), I found this to be more effective than the ginger oil I had previously used. Love it!

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